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…and finds the neighborhood wanting:

Here is the part to me that says something about us societally. Obviously multiple gun shots. Just look at the number of dead people. NO ONE CALLED THE COPS.

The police were alerted by a device called Shot Spotter. If it weren’t for the technology how long might it have been before the police knew something happened? Dawn?

This to me says more about the neighborhood and what some areas think about society; law and order than others do.

The truth is a lot of race hucksters have made a comfortable living pitting Black Americans against the police and their communities have paid the price for it in blood.

…let the left go on about how freedom is restricted in America, how they were repressed under George W. Bush while in Cuba:

Right now there’s a Cuban Mom in Cuba whom Ive also never met in person but I still consider a Mom who had her son die in one of the regime’s prisons simply because he wanted to be a free man.

Let’s elaborate further:

RTVE reports that there have been at least 25 arrests and/or detentions following the death of Tamayo Zapata for the purpose of preventing their attendance to his funeral.

Let’s be blunt: These people are murderous bastards, the people in congress and Hollywood are supporting them are supporting murderous bastards. The people who are gung ho about closing Gitmo while ready to embrace the actual concentration camp that is the rest of the island are at best ignorant and at worst complicit in the support of murderous bastards.

If you want to know the difference between America and Cuba in real life here it is. If you want to see the difference between a democratic administration and a republican one here it is.

And this little story is enough to make you want to punch the screen.

The elite’s treatment of the Gulag that is Cuba is like watching Kitty Genovese get murdered over and over again.

Speaking of seeing what you want to see here is the headline from Channel 12 news:

Professor Dies After Stabbing at Binghamton University

And the story that followed:

A Binghamton University professor is dead tonight after being stabbed by an anthropology student.

It happened around 1:45 pm Friday in the Science 1 Building on campus.

This is video of the hallway where the incident happened.

A witness tells Action News that an older male graduate student entered the office of professor Richard Antoun and then stabbed him.

A seemingly senseless murder but lets look at another headline on the same subject from a different source:

Saudi Arabian student charged with killing prof

And the story:

A Binghamton University graduate student from Saudi Arabia was charged with killing a professor emeritus in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies.

Abdulsalam al-Zahrani was charged Saturday with stabbing to death Richard Antoun last Friday in his office at the update New York university.

Broome County District Attorney Gerald Mollen said in a statement that there is no indication of a religious or ethnic motivation, according to reports.

Antoun, 77, had conducted research in Jordan, Lebanon and Iran, according to reports.

What is the connection? Mark Steyn provides it:

Another Case of PTSD?

…and this time the poor guy’s not even in the military! From Channel 12 WBNG:

A Binghamton University professor is dead tonight after being stabbed by an anthropology student.

That’s one way of putting it. Another is that Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani killed Richard T Antoun, author of Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic and Jewish Movements.

What is amazing is many of the same people who insist Global Warming is a clear and present danger look at the repeated evidence of the dangers of radical Islamists and discount it utterly.

The story doesn’t rate a mention on memeorandum, Pam Geller noticed, but then again she always does and makes this observation concerning the murder of this convert to Judaism:

There will be no coverage of this, yet again. If it were a white guy killing a black professor, or a Jewish guy killing a muslim, they would be clubbing us like baby seals with it.

Take a look at the photo, this wasn’t some kid either this guy was MY age. No wonder the Yale people are terrified.

Three choices: submit, convert or die. If you aren’t going to resist, then make your choice.

Update: Michelle discovers it today in my own local paper (we have two), no word on why it’s in the “money” section.

Update 2: Just had lunch at the Diner at the corner. It was on the front page of the print edition.

It’s unfortunately business as usual:

Noor Almaleki has just died in Arizona. May she rest in peace. May her murderer, her father, be brought to justice. My condolences to those who loved her.

May American justice prevail. The prosecutor has described this as an “attempted honor killing.”

At a court hearing over the weekend in Phoenix, county prosecutor Stephanie Low told a judge that Almaleki admitted to committing the crime.

“By his own admission, this was an intentional act and the reason was that his daughter had brought shame on him and his family,” Low said. “This was an attempt at an honor killing.”

Michelle Malkin is appalled, Grand Rants is horrified:

This is the second known honor killing this year in America. I pray that it is the last, but I fear there is worse to come. As I said back in February: Unthinkable at one time, but no more.

And memeorandum is practically empty on the subject.

If you wonder why Pam Geller personally spends so much time and effort on the Rifqa Bary this is why.

Pretending this isn’t happening is no solution, or like minority children killed in black neighborhoods by minority drug dealers are we going to ignore them because these are Muslims being killed by other Muslims?

The Former is already a national disgrace the latter is going to become one, and like the former it will affect the entire land no matter how much we pretend otherwise.

Update: The Moderate voice opines:

Imagine for a moment that a segment of the Southern Baptist Church was supporting the idea of parents killing their teenage daughters for going out on dates. The public reaction would be swift and severe (and properly so). Media figures like Bill Maher would go ballistic, labeling the entire Christian Church with such behavior.

And yet when this exact thing is happening within the Muslim community the reaction seems muted. In the United States today there are parents killing their children (usually daughters) for engaging in ‘dishonorable behavior’. One parent recently killed his child by running her over with his car.

I am not suggesting that this behavior represents the mainstream of any faith. But it is something that ought to be condemned regardless of where it is being done and the PC silence on the topic is disturbing.

So close and yet still slightly in denial.