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Stacy McCain is on the road again planning to hit Va, Tenn and Ga races in the final weekend to see what is going on.

In Va-9 where Morgan Griffith is the GOP standard-bearer the news from Stacy’s latest for the American Spectator sounds very familiar in more ways than one:

First democrats running from their record, and attacking instead? Check.

The problem with that strategy, it seems, is that Republican ideas of free enterprise and less government aren’t nearly as “discredited” as Democrats had hoped. And so the Democrats adopted two basic tactics: Accuse Republicans of favoring heinous policies (like “shipping jobs overseas”) and unload opposition-research files that highlight negative personal information about GOP challengers.

Use faux “3rd party” candidates to drain votes? Check.

Here in Virginia’s 9th District, businessman Jeremiah Heaton is on the ballot as an independent candidate. As Virginia conservative blogger Jerry Furhman notes, Heaton doesn’t seem to be running against the incumbent Boucher, but instead “has chosen to devote his every energy to attacking the Republican in this race.”

And finally panic:

With four days left until Election Day, the Griffith campaign is gearing up a series of get-out-the-vote rallies across the district. Griffith is running hard. But it looks like Boucher is running scared.

This sounds an awful lot like the last road trip.

Expect democrats nationwide to rinse and repeat for the rest of the election season to try to stop the big red wave.