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My review of the Boxed Set of Tom Bakers return as the Doctor in Hornet’s Nest, which was long delayed by Lent is available at here.

It was worth the wait to get all five parts together and well worth the price.

Amazon has a pretty reasonable price on the set, but of course I got my copy from the friendly people at Mike’s comics.

Answer: Because God as a sense of Humor

Posted: March 7, 2010 by datechguy in catholic
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Q: Why did that package turn up now of all times?

I spent yesterday with My son and some Friends at Funspot in NH, the worlds largest Arcade. When I got home late last night this was waiting for me from Mike’s Comics.

Of COURSE it comes now.

Unless I’m very mistaken that package contains the a boxed set of the new audio adventures of a certain scarf wearing alien that I pre-ordered in July of last year.

The BBC has apparently decided that since I’ve given up a certain Science Fiction series first broadcast by the BBC the year I was born for Lent that naturally it is the perfect time to release the item in the US.

So that package gets to remain unopened with a paperback from Amazon Vine till Easter Sunday on April 4th. (Yes I know officially Lent ends on Holy Thursday for the Easter Triduum but that feels like cheating to me.)

Rest assured after that date they will be listened to rated and reviewed here and on Amazon. All I can say is they’d better not stink!

Oh and if you are a new reader since CPAC (Which began on Ash Wednesday the start of Lent) and you have no idea what I’m talking about despite the hints click here.

My review of the Big Finish adventure #14 Doctor Who the Holy Terror featuring Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor and Robert Jezek as Frobisher the Whifferdill (in his usual Penguin form) is available at here.

Check out the trailer at the Big Finish site. This is one of the funniest yet profound episodes of the entire run. It is the also the only regular episode of the run that featured Frobisher (a second episode The Maltese Penguin was a special release). I hope we can see him return from his 8 year absence sometime in 2011 or perhaps in a companion Chronicles release.

As always both episodes as well as the entire Big Finish Run are available by mail order via Mike’s Comics of Worcester.

Initial reviews not withstanding I certainly don’t want to skip the new 4th Doctor Audios:

Well lucky for US Based Dr. Who fans. Mike’s comics has an announcement to make:

As stated on our BBC Doctor Who Audio webpage, there is a new licensed source to the US market for BBC Doctor Who & Blake’s 7 audios, and we have negotiated preferred terms for these audios.

On the page all of the Hornet’s Nest episodes are available at only $9.99 each.
hornet's nest the stuff of nightmares
That is a better deal than any currently on eBay. They also offer a boxed/slipcased set and if THAT isn’t enough they offer free shipping on cd’s orders over $60 sent by media mail!

What more can anyone ask?

The sad thing is they announced this 10 days ago! See what getting tied up with the blogwars does? It keeps you from important things.