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Where are the “I’m a mac vs PC” ads?

Posted: April 3, 2010 by datechguy in tech
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Speaking of Windows 7 have you noticed something missing from your TV screens?

That’s right the I’m a mac, I’m a PC ads have virtually disappeared. I haven’t seen one since the first week of windows seven, the “trust me” ad.

It has been half a year and windows 7 has apparently been exactly what Microsoft claimed it would be, a solid operating system on a good computer that can be purchased for almost $1,000 less than a comparable Mac.

This seems to have been lost in all the Ipad, Iphone business lately, but it is VERY significant.

Is this Microsoft’s Domino’s Pizza moment? If so I would highly recommend keeping that extra grand in your pocket and get the Windows 7 machine instead of that Mac.

It doesn’t deal with Windows 7. It doesn’t critique the OS or anything about it. It simply points to the past and pretends that each windows OS was a failure. Some undoubtedly were (Windows MEss) but Apple can’t find actual snark to use about 7 itself.

Beyond anything else this shows that Apple is actually worried about Windows 7 and is the single best endorsement of the product that I can think of.

In honor of this inability lets put up something classic on the other side:

Slight language warning but it’s fun.