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Apparently not because he makes the following statement:

They weren’t around protesting during the Bush years BECAUSE THE TEA PARTY IS REPUBLICANS. They don’t care about the deficit. They care that a Democrat (and a black “Muslim,” to boot), is in the White House. They don’t care about fiscal restraint, they care that a Democrat is in the White House.

Now I’ve attended a few tea parties and talked to people there. The trust level for republicans is not very high. If you had interviewed these people you would know this. As for the suggestion that people who support the tea parties care only that a Democrat is in the White House well, let me make the introductions…

John Cole…meet Glenn Reynolds. You might have heard of the man, he was writing about something you might recalled known as porkbusters. The earliest entry in the 3 pages of archives when you search for “Porkbusters” is May 16 2006. There is actually a blog entry from Sept 18th of 2005 as well available.

John Cole…Michelle Malkin. You might know the lady. (I’ve met her very gracious and did a kind deed for my older brother) I took the liberty of searching her archive for “porkbusters” and lo and behold it goes back to Sept 19th 2005.

Now I don’t claim to have a photographic memory but I seem to recall that there was no democrat, black or otherwise in the White House at the time nor was there a republican majority in the house where spending originates.

If you want to pretend that it’s all about President Obama’s pigmentation you go on ahead. It will earn you hits from the left and love from the media. Just don’t expect people who know how to use a search engine to take you seriously.

Update: Bad link, Thanks to Patrick for spotting it.

Update 2: Patrick does more than correct my bad link:

The reason I raised a stink about this, is because John Cole is doing two things; first of all, he is doing something that I feel is just wrong — but is what the liberal left is known for and that is collectivism. Blaming an entire group for the actions of a few. Which, I feel, is wrong. Secondly, Cole is playing fast and loose with the facts and with pinning blame, which I think he knows; but because he hopped the fence, because Bush did not do things, like he thought they ought to be done, he bailed on the right — he feels that he has to recite the talking points of the left, in order to remain in their good graces. Although, I could be wrong on that one.

You give him a hello from a blogger he enjoys:

You know if I knew she was going to be at the blogger party I would have brought my copy of In defense of internment.

And no she is NOT the mystery woman of CPAC, the voices don’t match.

…(and I know by definition that is redundant) that conservatives had some real problems with George W Bush.

But let’s not get carried away with nostalgia.

President Bush put America on the proper war footing after 9/11 and deserves much credit for doing so

She has a list of 9 items and a lot of good points.

No I have no idea where the G came from

…I’m looking all over the web this morning and I don’t see a thing on TV or that is of the least bit interesting. The Number #1 story on memorandum is Sullivan attacking Glenn Reynolds as a racist for daring to blow up (not even photoshop) an image in the White House Flicker basket.

Expect Charles Johnson to follow shortly, what has happened to those halcyon days of the four of the Ablogalypse?

Those happy days of 2003

Den Beste’s USS Clueless one of the best blogs there has ever been is gone replaced by chizumatic. Sullivan’s and Johnson’s decent into Bloggers Alzheimer’s has been well documented

Only Reynolds remains unchanging, as he was death it seems quite appropriate.

My thought on this; were stamps really 32 cents in 2003?

Update: Here is a question: Who would be the four horsemen today? I say Robert Stacy, Michelle Malkin and the Captain would join Glenn. (Ed Morrissey will always be the Captain to me).

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Update 4: Time for a poll to select the new Horsemen

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