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Q: Why do the Methodists choose to boycott Jews and not anyone else in the world?
I think they are simply delusional cowardly fools more than actually evil but the end result is the same. Check out this exchange to understand:

“Don’t you realize that you’re joining a massive global campaign against Israel?” I asked.

“There isn’t a campaign against Israel,” she replied firmly. “It’s not as simple as that.”

“You don’t accept that you’ve just jumped on a fashionable bandwagon?” I asked in amazement.

“We are the first church… to do this… so we are not being fashionable,” she replied.

At which point, what can you really say? Overall, a church that behaves in the manner of the Methodists has buried its credibility under a gigantic dunghill of intransigence, pedantry, lies and distortions.

Can people actually be this stupid? Maybe Pan is right maybe this is evil, the evil of willful denial and ignorance. A denial that supports their fear. Parts of England can’t are no longer safe for non Muslims? La La La La can’t see anything. It’s the same denial that allowed Germans to live in towns near the camps and pretend they are not there.