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…After seeing this question at The Reclusive Leftist concerning Meghan McCain Picture:

Having covered-by-proxy the feminist bases, I’m now going to indulge my curiosity and ask the group at large (including everyone in Finland — hei, ystävyys kotona Suomi!) the thing I’ve been wondering ever since I saw Meghan’s picture: what’s up with her boobs? I’m not criticizing or attacking or snarking; I’m just trying to figure out what the deal is. Are those implants? The shadowing is very weird.

I’ve avoided telling this story because it sound wrong but she has given me courage so I’ll repeat the story as I told it in comments over there:

I can’t tell that story without my Passion of the Christ story…so here goes…

My mother is VERY Catholic. When the Passion of the Christ came out I took her to the first showing, as we sat down, a man with a seeing eye dog sat in front of us. Considering the movie was in Aramaic and Latin that was rather odd, but anyway…

…when the movie was over everyone left very somberly. I asked my mother what she thought, she said she was VERY impressed…

…she couldn’t believe the dog had sat quiet through the entire movie. When ever the subject of the movie she talks about the dog, she still can’t get over it.

Last year my son and I went to a Sarah Palin Rally in NH. She was really impressive and authentic. At the end she was signing autographs (both my son and I failed to get one) as the crowd thinned I saw her from the waist down for the first time…

…and I still shake my head. I’m from a big Italian family, I went to a Catholic school I have known and do know more women with 5 kids or more than most people these days.

Her hips are the wrong shape. When you’ve had 5 kids your hips have a particular shape, her’s are wrong, they just don’t fit the paradigm. It still makes me shake my head. It’s like Babe Ruth’s legs; they make her look weird. They’re just all wrong!

I think Sarah Palin is awesome, I would support her as a national candidate over any other candidate. No pol has ever matched my positions as close or impressed me more…

…just don’t get me started on her hips. I’m my mother’s son.

My son still laughs at me when I go on about it. I don’t talk about the BBC interviewing me on camera, I don’t talk about the disgusting counter rally of teenagers, or the professionalism of the secret service that really impressed me. Not about her fine speech and the fact she radiates competence. Not that she reminds me of my mother and big sister as the type of person who gets things done.

I go on about how her hips look weird on her. Sometimes I’m just Sheldon Cooper without the Ph.D.

Yeah I know how it sounds but it doesn’t matter they just look Wrong that’s my position and I’m sticking with it!

A: There is something important about it?

Look as an old married man heading toward 50 I have plenty of admiration for particular parts of the female anatomy and Miss McCain is an attractive young woman but she simply has the misfortune to have been born in the age of digital camera and twitter so the small jokes and fun pictures that get shared are going to be well, everywhere.

Yeah I know she should know it would get out there but who cares? She was having fun, I’m still young enough to remember fun, I liked it. Fun was and is good. It’s a dumb fun picture, no drugs, no sex tape, no drunkenness. Lets all get a life here.

Yeah her politics are a bit off and the direction she thinks the republican party should go is off so what? We’ll address that topic when it is relevant it’s not here, cripes you’d think she was in a girls gone wild video.

Are guys going to look at the shot? YES! Are they going to “admire it” YES! Should she have realized this? Well DUH! Does that make her a slut? Nope!

Now if decide you are going to have a privileged attitude be prepared to be hit for it. That is Kosher and Robert Stacy has fun with it.

Whatever. Meghan McCain not a victim. She the heiress to a fortune and the daughter of a powerful U.S. Senator. She is also spoiled rotten and arrogant, lecturing the world at Tina Brown’s Daily Beast without any more qualification than her family name and an Ivy League diploma.

For someone like that to play the victim card — “Boo hoo hoo! people said mean things about me!” — is absurd, and reminds me of what I wrote at the Green Room today:

Nothing is quite so annoying as fake victimhood: Overprivileged people trying to elicit sympathy in the Oprah Age by claiming they are victimized by something that doesn’t actually harm them at all.

“Sticks and stones,” OK? Grow up.

In fact his is having a LOT of fun with it.

He will doubtless send her thank you notes for the hits he will get from the: Megan McCain boobs, Megan McCain tits, Megan McCain breasts, Megan McCain pics et/al google bombs that will produce a ton of hits for him. Will it match the Mika Brzenzinski bikini pics hits? Perish the thought!

I’m reminded of the line from Happy Days:

Fonz: I have one thing to say to you shortcake, If you put out an advertisement someone is going to answer that ad

Hey she’s a nice looking young girl who has a lot to learn about life, hopefully sooner or later she’s find the right guy and will settle down. If my sons were older I’d recommended them, but until then I have some bits of advice for her:

#1. Hey enjoy life, have fun. I remember fun, fun is good. Enjoy your youth responsibly.

#2 Remember count your blessings, particularly when you have a ton of them, instead of complaining about stuff and people. That makes you seem petty.

#3 If you are going to engage in the market of ideas you have to be prepared to defend them and take the hits. That’s part of the job description. If you can’t do so then find something else you want to do.

and finally

#4 My father always told me this and I’ll repeat it to you:

“Profanity is the attempt of a weak and feeble mind to express itself forcibly”

That should do it.

Profanity for the sake of profanity isn’t cool, particularly from a young lady. (Yes that opinion dates me, I don’t care).