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How will NPR react to the firestorm, why they will double down:

That said, Williams provided a valuable voice on NPR. His long experience as a journalist and background as an authority on the Civil Rights movement enabled him to offer insights that often enriched the network’s reporting.

Ultimately, however, it seems management felt he had become more of a liability than an asset. Unfortunately, I agree.

Yup, perhaps about $1,800,000 worth of assets.

And of course it isn’t about firing a black man who appears on a conservative show: (emphasis mine)

It can’t be overlooked that this episode is occurring in a toxic political environment where people are quick to take sides and look for hidden motives. I fear some will look for racial motivations in NPR’s decision to fire Williams, who is African-American and one of the few black male NPR voices.

It’s not about race. It’s also not about free speech, as some have charged. Nor is it about an alleged attempt by NPR to stifle conservative views. NPR offers a broad range of viewpoints on its radio shows and web site.

I’m sure NPR has plenty of empathy for organization with few blacks who fire them and I’m sure they haven’t tolerated outrageous statement before, oh wait:

— Also in 2005, NPR apologized to Mark Levin, author of “Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America,” after a broadcast of its program “Day to Day” falsely accused him of advocating violence against judges. Levin accepted the apology, but said the broadcast was “illustrative of a smear campaign launched by the Left to try and silence” his criticisms of judicial activism.

— In 2002, the head of NPR issued an apology six months after a report linking anthrax-laced letters to a Christian conservative organization.

— Also in 2002, during an interview with the Philadelphia City Paper, NPR host Tavis Smiley said he strived to do a show that is “authentically black,” but not “too black.”

— In 1995, Nina Totenberg, NPR’s award-winning legal affairs correspondent, was allowed to keep her job after telling the host of PBS’ “Inside Washington” that if there was “retributive justice” in the world, former North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms would “get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it.”

In my opinion this is a perfect example of a cultural elite that only survives due to sugar daddies and don’t dare to upset them. Period!

Bad form NPR, Bad form

Apparently since they can’t get people to stop watching Fox they can retaliate against those who dare cross the Fox line:

Specifically, in a conversation about Islamic terrorism, Williams said on the O’Reilly Factor that he sometimes had fear on airplanes seeing muslim passengers in Islamic garb.

NPR said Juan Williams’ comments “undermined his credibility as a news analyst with NPR” and “his remarks on the O’Reilly Factor … were inconsistent with our editorial standards.”

For reference, NPR recently ran a segment on how to speak “tea bagger”.

Michelle Malkin reminds us of the new Soros money, Jimmie Bise talks about Fox phobia and big journalism gives us a useful NPR list.

Me? I’m reminded of this post just a few five days ago:

“NPR has the right approach because they are in the business of serving the public,” She said. “I think it is perfectly consistent to require a higher standard of impartiality.”

That these two stories took place in the same week is serious Irony overload.

I guess that proves it

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Rick Sanchez is apparently out of CNN. No doubt it is part of a vast Jewish conspiracy.

The surprise isn’t the presence of antisemitic idiots in the leftist media, the surprise is how many are saying it openly these days.

No word on if Loretta Sanchez thinks it’s a Vietnamese plot.

Then this would be on every network. Morning Joe’s guest would be outraged and Pat Buchanan would be brought on to try to defend it, every Morning show would be leading it and the weekend shows would talk about nothing else…and Rightly so because that is simple racism.

However the phrase was made by Loretta Sanchez a democrats who is of “Hispanic” origin and instead of “blacks” they are talking “Vietnamese” so the Mainstream media will totally ignore this and the left side blogs will be silent.

So we will have to rely on Breitbart TV, and Maggie’s farm, and the right scoop, and american power and gateway pundit and hotair etc etc etc…

No word if Harry Reid will play the Hotness card to try to help sanchez out.

If that’s not a reason to support Van Tran what is?
I guarantee that if I get the Radio show off the ground it will be mentioned by me.

Update: it goes without saying that if she was a tea party candidate it would be the only news on TV