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I talked to the three filmmakers at PennyWisdom. They covered the march/protest too and I grabbed their take:

They also interviewed me but I can’t find their stuff online might not be up yet. I wish them the best of luck.

Jack was about to go see a show when the march passed by. He gave me a few minutes of his time:

Unfortunately for me he started talking before I was ready so there is no real intro he just jumps in and the crowd at the end drowned him out a bit.

Joya was the only person who made the argument concerning escaping the violence in Mexico which I think is the best argument the open borders people have (choice between getting shot by drug cartels or breaking immigration law is no choice at all)

Her history in central and South America is iffy. She should read Gulag. Like most of the protests she was very ignorant of the actual Arizona law. Unlike the others she was the only one to suggest actually raising the legal quota.

I’m really surprised that she has been going to Mexico City regularly. I sure hope she stays safe when she travels there.