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Victoria Dibel is exactly the type of voter that events like this a for:

The fact that Mary Connaughton got her vote when she had not heard of either her or Kamal Jain the other Republican candidate for auditor (and Both are VERY impressive) shows how important such events are.

Just heard Michael Graham talk about Barack Obama as the best creator of conservative voters ever.

Just now was able to get the Net will update as able

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Jeff Perry now going up Crowd gave him a rousing round of applause. Let the group in a cheer against both Obamacare and Amnesty

Joe Malone now coming up gets a good reception.

Ray Kasperowicz gets a huge round of applause when suggesting impeachment against Eric Holder.

Mary Z. Connaughton up if you’ve seen my interview with her you know what see is saying tonight. “This is OUR year”

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The Results of the Straw poll are here

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…at the twin city tea party on Monday:

I had a lot of trouble uploading video yesterday so a lot of the Monday stuff is coming up today and tomorrow.