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Simply to make a small point.

Mildred Jefferson was the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. This is the type of thing that one might have seen moving tributes on many TV shows. Not simple editorials but large tributes in papers and perhaps even a major magazine article. After all her achievement was not insignificant, it was in 1951 that she graduated from Harvard Medical. This is in the middle of Jim Crow, before MLK.

Why is there less fuss? Because of quotes like this:

“I became a physician in order to help save lives. I am at once a physician, a citizen, and a woman, and I am not willing to stand aside and allow the concept of expendable human lives to turn this great land of ours into just another exclusive reservation where only the perfect, the privileged, and the planned have the right to live.”

You see she founded National right to life applauded by Roe v Wade. That’s why you see long essays in the American Spectator and feminists for life.

I met her only one, during the hearings in Fitchburg in January. I actually had no idea who she was, but said this about her testimony:

With a quiet and calm demeanor she made the case that Fitchburg would be a less pleasant place with Planned parenthood. Her best argument however was the description of Planned Parenthood in terms of practices and their use of organizations that they fund to support their positions as if they were independent.

Consider, this is a person who is known within the movement and must have had many demands on her time and life, and yet, on a cold winter day she made the time to come to Fitchburg Mass. to fight for the lives of the unborn.

I consider myself a well-informed person and one who follows history, I am shocked that I didn’t know this woman, but I shouldn’t be, because the MSM and foes of abortion could not allow it for they might be inspired and that can’t be allowed to happen.

…it is because of stories like this:

A fifth of nurses interviewed by researchers admitted that they had been involved in the euthanasia of a patient based on the “assumption” they would want to die. Nearly half of the nurses – 120 of 248 – admitted they had taken part in “terminations without request or consent”.

Euthanasia has been legal in Belgium since 2002. It accounts for two per cent of all deaths annually. The law states that patient consent must be given and that doctors must carry out the procedure. But the study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows that the rules are routinely flouted and shows how doctors often delegate the administering of fatal drugs to nurses.

You know that old Hippocratic oath had something to it. If you work under the assumption that the job is to preserve life and always err on the side of life you don’t get this type of thing, but once the attitude changes and the idea of cost take precedence the equation changes.

This is the result of a post Christian Europe and it is on its way here. It will not take one year or even 5, but by the time many of those who supported this health care plan become old enough to need this care, they may find that they ended up voting for their own end. In fact you have candidates openly stating this type of stuff today.

it went on VERY late. I will have some photos and longer posts up in a bit but to sum it up quickly:

It reminded me of the Battle of Kasserine Pass. One side was professional and prepared and had laid the groundwork for the battle.

The other side more numerous, less organized and had a presentation that was not as strong.

And like the German army at Kasserine the well organized forces of Planned Parenthood won an early victory against the passionate but less professional forces of the working class residents of Fitchburg playing the role of the American G.I.

More details to come but the Zoning vote will take place in two weeks. It will remain to be seen if the Pro Life forces like the American army after Kasserine can recover from their loss in the first battle and learn lessons by their second.