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It looks like I should have bid lower on this flight rather than just looking for a good price since with under 45 minutes to its departure the gate area is practically empty.

The free Logan wi-fi for the price of watching one 70 second ad is a deal to my liking as is the pleasure of viewing humanity. I finished Pam’s book on the drive and am now starting The Man who shot the Man who shot Lincoln. I suspect I’ll finish this before the week is through.

Meanwhile while I wait for a plane yet another factory closes thanks to democrats and their green friends:

What made the plant here vulnerable is, in part, a 2007 energy conservation measure passed by Congress that set standards essentially banning ordinary incandescents by 2014. The law will force millions of American households to switch to more efficient bulbs.

The resulting savings in energy and greenhouse-gas emissions are expected to be immense. But the move also had unintended consequences.

Rather than setting off a boom in the U.S. manufacture of replacement lights, the leading replacement lights are compact fluorescents, or CFLs, which are made almost entirely overseas, mostly in China.

Gateway pundit gets to the raw numbers:

212 democrats voted for this bill. 178 Republicans voted against the bill.

With those kind of numbers the attempt to generate fear of a “tea party congress” is unlikely to work. Particularly if Republicans promise to repeal this nonsense, that’s called actually saving jobs.

We get the government we deserve, right now the people believe they deserve better.

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