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Glenn links to Stacy’s latest about that Scott Brown Feeling

That’s the big story here. Barney Frank’s MA-4 seat isn’t on Charlie Cook’s radar, either, but Sean Bielat clearly has Barney on the defensive here. The only Massachusetts seats ranked by Cook are the open MA-10 seat (“leans Democrat,” with a no-name Democrat against Republican Jeff Perry) and MA-5 (“likely Democrat” with Republican Jon Golnik challenging Niki Tsongas).

If Bielat can beat Barney — and Barney seems to be sweating it now — then those Perry and Golnik will also be riding that Big Red Wave, here in Massachusetts where “Downtown Scotty Brown” already proved the Democrats can be beat. Just last night, thanks to my friend Pete Da Tech Guy, I interviewed three candidates — Bill Gunn in MA-1, Tom Wesley in MA-2, Marty Lamb in MA-3 — all of whom are running hard in districts that Scott Brown won in January.

If that Big Red Wave hits on Nov. 2, there are no “safe” Democrats.

I had a talk with hard-working canvasser this month doors were in the process of slamming until the word “Republican” was spoken. At that point doors opened and lit taken. This has been the regular experience reported to me. Combine this with the Jim McKenna results and this state is a wagon of Nitro about to blow up on Democrats.

Listen the only absolutely safe seat in Ma for democrats is ma-8 and that’s only safe because there is no opposition. I’m cautiously predicting 3 seats but if I woke up to 7 I would not be shocked. (Nine now THAT would shock me)!

Update: Stacy is on the Bielat/Beat Barney beat and has this story in the Spectator that says in part:

“They’ve got no operation over there,” Phillips said of the Frank campaign. As Bielat told reporters at a Sept. 26 rally, “They have one campaign office. It’s always empty. We have three. They’re always full.”

Bielat’s Newton office wasn’t full Sunday morning, but it was open and in full swing, with at least three volunteers calling voters in a telephone canvassing operation that has already reached some 30,000 likely voters and, at a pace of more than 2,000 new contacts daily, could approach the 50,000 mark within a week.

This is going to be a huge night in Massachusetts. It will be the place to be on election day.

My latest for deals with the idea of non career politicians running for office this year, a snippet:

He (Keith Lepor) mentioned how one of the hosts at WTKK 96.9 Michelle McPhee scolded him saying that he had not “done his time” in the legislature or the school committee or local politics, he didn’t climb the ladder that takes you to the halls of congress.

It looks like Michelle is going to be very disappointed this year. Over and over I have met people whose background has nothing to do with politics.

Expect to see more of this beyond ma-9 and Nc-2 as the professional political class gets challenged.

You can find out more about Keith Lepor and Renee Ellmers at their respective sites. Both are very worthy of your support.

Update: Much to my surprise Keith lost his primary oh well.

Started the evening in Townsend Mass. Where Bill Gunn was holding a town hall after his return from Washington

Standing out for Bill Gunn (r) Ma-01 in Townsend

His fans were already out in force holding signs large and small:

The big sign at the Corner

Some of the younger guys not only took signs but as the event started went back to parade them for motorists returning home via Route 119

All the cool kids are supporting the guy who rides a motercycle

And Bill took the time to meet with some of the voters before things got started:

I once cast a ballot this big

Bill gave me a few minutes telling me a bit about the Beck Rally (he attended), approving of any pro-business moves the administration makes (while stating bluntly they are trying to buy votes at the last minute), He told me his plans for September 11th (Event at Fitchburg State University) and broke some news telling me that John Olver has challenged him to three debates and he has accepted. (I was under the impression that 20 year incumbents generally don’t see the need to have multiple debates with new challengers. Better get Olver off the triage list STAT!)

From there my next stop was the Reading Tea Party where 4 other candidates for Congress spoke:

Keith Lepor ma-09

Keith Lepor never told me he was a combat reporter in Afghanistan who is only alive to challenge Stephen Lynch because his body armor stopped a short that hit him square in the heart:

The difference between a dead combat reporter and a live republican candidate

When I asked him why he never mentioned it during my interview with him last week he answered “You never asked.”

I met two candidates for the republican nomination to face John Tierney in the Mass 6th District first Rob McCarthy

Rob McCarthy (r) 6th district

And secondly Bill Hudak who I first met and Scott Brown’s victory party and who gets a lot of credit for announcing early way before the republican tide started to sweep the land:

Bill Hudak republican candidate ma-06

Either would be a better alternative that Tierney we also met Gerry Dembrowski one of two republicans seeking to retire Ed Markey in the 7th district:

Gerry Dembrowski (r) for ma-7

He emphasized that the current economic woes can be traced to longtime congressmen like Markey who let things get this far. We also had state rep candidate for the 9th Essex district airline pilot Ray Igou:

Ray Igou (r) 9th Essex District

I found him very impressive, we need more like him on the state level.

The Axis of Fedora strikes again!

Of course the big news of the night was the expansion of the axis of fedora.

I’ll get the video up later, big day ahead tomorrow.

Keith Lepor speaks to me at the Plymouth County GOP straw poll on 9/1/2010

His point about volunteers is very important. Other than money people willing to hold signs, write letters and knock on doors are the most important things that a campaign can have to win.