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You know something hit me today during the coverage of the British terrorist release business.

I can’t see how England did this without at least informing the US if this is true the big loser is Not going to be president Obama.

Back when Hillary was named Sec of State it seemed a shrewd move for both parties. By making Mrs. Clinton a part of the administration she is tied to it, and by taking State she not only avoids having to deal with a declining economy but she puts herself in a position to resign in protest at a key moment if she wants to make a move.

It it turns out that the British DID inform the US prior to the release/deal concerning Al Megrahi release, that would likely have gone up the command ladder. It is impossible that it would not have hit Hillary before it reached the president.

Now Mrs. Clinton is in an untenable position. As she didn’t object at the time she becomes complicit, and if she HAD then the president backs her up and has another mini toughguy episode to play with.

It is not impossible that the British foolishly (or cleverly) didn’t say a word to us, but baring that this might be another example of playing the Chicago game very well.

Pure speculation of course but that’s what I think.

Update: Mr. #24,154 agrees that it’s unlikely the Administration didn’t know. You can decide if that improves my case.