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…regarding libel law:

While I am not litigious by nature — my views being rather Jacksonian in that regard — perhaps Governor Palin, Mrs. Vincent and their publishers have different views. It is my understanding that British libel law is far more inclined toward the plaintiffs than is true here in the United States, especially for “public figures” as covered under the U.S. Sullivan precedent.

Should Mrs. Vincent retain the services of a British attorney, I suspect that your publisher would be advised to settle the suit at any sum asked, as it would be quite impossible to prove that Mrs. Vincent is “closely associated with a well-known white supremacist,” which I most assuredly am not, no matter what any particular idiot has published to that effect or how often it has been repeated.

Think of the cost to your publisher, Felix Dennis, of flying Charles Johnson, Michelangelo Signorile, Rachel Maddow, et al., to London for a libel trial, sir. Ask yourself how such witnesses might stand up under cross-examination,

How do I know this is good advice? As Chris Hitchens reminds us Polanski won such a case in England :

In July 2005, Polanski took advantage of the notorious British libel laws to sue my colleagues at Vanity Fair and collect damages for his hurt feelings. It doesn’t matter much what the supposed complaint was—he had allegedly propositioned a Scandinavian model while purring about making her the next Sharon Tate—so much as it mattered that Polanski would dare to sue on a question of his own moral standing and reputation. “I don’t think,” he was quoted as saying of the allegation, “you could find a man who could behave in such a way.” Say what? Anxious for his thin skin, the British courts did not even put Polanski to the trouble of appearing in a country where he has never lived. They allowed him to pout his outraged susceptibilities by video link before heaping him with fresh money.

That being the case a certain Little Green Flake should be happy Mr. McCain is Jacksonian by nature. I’d say the same about Maddow but she doesn’t have to worry as Robert Stacy somehow thinks she is a handsomer woman than Mika. I beg to differ.

Frankly I think he should be more worried about Todd Palin. He has a lot more free time to avenge his wife’s honor.

VDH talks about the “racist” charge…

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…in a column that will not rate an above the post position at lgf:

What we are seeing, then, in the latest hysterical resort to “Racist!” is a growing realization not only that this once-effective scapegoating has become obsolete, but that it has become a boomeranging liability for all who employ it.

I guess he still takes the dictionary seriously.

Considering the number of people Charles has been hitting lately I was wondering why Glenn hasn’t taken note of all the back and forth in the ‘sphere over the McCain/Johnson et/all stuff. I figured once Tim Blair was involved as well that might produce one post and I really hoped that my Julius Caesar post Friends, bloggers, Conservatives might have gotten his notice. (Feel free to recommend it to him)

But it didn’t hit me until I was thinking about the anti-palin stuff in the Amazon discussions. The Luna(tic) woman wasn’t just taking the time to hit Palin, he included her blog link and wanted to piggyback her comments on Palin into hits in the same way that MSNBC uses Rush.

Charles now has the Palin/racist post with a photo of Palin at the top of his blog, it is there to generate interest and hits. My own mild involvement in the controversy with Robert Stacy gave me a month even better than my instalance month.

Any comment he makes will drive traffic to Mr. Johnson thus he keeps his own counsel.

Years ago Glenn published a letter I wrote him on the subject of Haditha and it led to me suddenly becoming an “internet nazi” to the left. I had it for one day but he must get it every single day since he took his first stand onlie. I asked him how he puts up with it and his answer to me that day is still valid:

Practice. Plus, like Jeff Goldstein, I crap bigger than them. Much bigger. . . .

So Glenn will likely remain silent even if Charles tries to goad him. Like Robert Stacy, just because we don’t know what he is doing doesn’t mean he doesn’t know.

…for daring to look at the LGF archives.

Charles is making a much better parody of himself than anyone else can but we’ll plug this youtube anyway.

Yet Charles says Blair is Cherry Picking and Charles is a Reputable blogger