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I think I’ll take Victoria Jackson over Lady Gaga.

Particularly since one is actually pays a real cost for that opinion

I first became political when I was trying to explain to my Christian Progressive friends Marianne and Bob that they shouldn’t vote for O because his background is Marxist. They would not listen. They wouldn’t even discuss the issues with me. They don’t want to hear any facts.

My friend Connie told me, “Two words Jackson. Career suicide.” Some things are more important than careers. God and freedom to worship Him. If Obama stays in power and we don’t flip the house Nov. 2, freedom to worship will be taken away. Communist countries do not allow it because citizens must worship the state and you can’t worship God and the state. You have to choose one.

Maybe it’s the end times, but I don’t think Jesus wants me to just sit by the window until the trumpet sounds. VJ

Well, I guess I’ll go sunbathe some more. I don’t have any work.

Lady Gaga’s anti-arizona rant requires no courage. It certainly won’t hurt her bookings. I also suspect there is less cocaine involved in the mix

The 24-year-old singer (real name: Stefani Germanotta) reveals she’s “terrified of heroin” but used to abuse “mostly cocaine.”

The pop star admits she still does drugs today, although she doesn’t specify which ones. “I won’t lie; it’s occasional,” she says in the magazine’s September issue. “And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year.”

Oh only a couple of times a year, well of course that makes all the difference.

You know its odd and a little embarrassing to talk about someone you’ve met and talked to bing naked. I’d much rather remind everyone what a nice lady she is and how good she looks with a fedora.

memeorandum thread here Wesmirch thread here.

What are the odds that Smitty & I will mention Victoria Jackson on the same day? I guess Victoria needs to mention implied nudity more often.

…it’s because he agrees with me about “Lady” Gaga:

Lady Gaga is immensely talented. She’s a fantastic pianist, a gifted singer and an engaging performer. But that’s not why the mainstream media gives her so much attention. If she weren’t acting like a dime-store floozie, the alphabet networks would pay her little attention, relegating her to a life of smoky bars and indie record labels instead of sold-out arenas and platinum albums. When it comes to capturing the attention of mainstream media and liberal publications, there is but one simple truth: Perversion Sells.

Let’s emphasize his point with a picture from CPAC:

Like Lady Gaga the young lady in this photo (Jenny Erickson) from smart girl politics is talented at what she does. She manages to juggle interviews, her blog at the candid conservative and a husband and children. Unlike Lady Gaga she manages to be physically attractive just sitting there in this picture without debasing herself.

Lady Gaga will make incredible money from what she does, I presume Jenny and her husband get by. I don’t know her well but I suspect that given the choice between trading bank accounts and lifestyles Jenny will happily stay where she is.

If MSNBC wanted to overtake Cartoon Network in the ratings they would be well advised to offer Jenny a contract. Shana, the nice young lady who paid me one of the greatest complements I’ve ever received should suggest this to Joe Scarborough, maybe have her as a reoccurring guest on Morning Joe. I suspect they likely will not.

The fact is that if Lady Gaga however offered to be an occasional commentator on the show I’m sure the brass would jump at it. There is no question it would draw attention and ratings, particularly if she dresses the part. This is simple truth.

The fact that our culture and our media value a woman like Gaga over a woman like Jenny Erickson says something sad about us.

Deeper meaning my …

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I finally saw the video that shocked the Huffpo and somehow failed to discover the “deeper meaning” within.

There was a time when stuff like this was considered cutting edge and shocking, I found it boring and predictable.

Is it just me or is this Gaga woman one of the most unattractive women there is? She has the Nancy Pelosi botox look decades too early. 20/40? I don’t think she could make 3/5.

The sad thing is the song is actually not bad but the movie seems a cheap cross between Chained Heat and Thelma and Louise. I think the song was kinda an afterthought, but it will likely end up printing money for the all involved which is the object of the exercise.

A member of the 20/40 club with a much better taste in hats than Gaga disagrees. Although I share the love of diners I don’t know if “art” is the word for it, but that’s a matter for the eyes that see it.

Update: I do confess I have no experience and can tell you nothing about waiting by the phone for the guy to call. I can tell you a lot about making the call after the first date and being brushed off. I wouldn’t describe it as rage but writing about it years later it does bring back unpleasant memories.

This morning while everyone was getting ready to go to school I was sitting on the couch next to my oldest watching Morning Joe when the latest of the Direct TV film ads went up on the screen.

I commented to my 18 year old son that I know I’m getting old because I didn’t recognize the video or who the girl in it was. I asked my teenage son who that was…

…he said it looked like Lady Gaga.

Now a few clicks on the net and I discovered that it was Christina Aguilara and the video was for a song called Keeps getting better.

I’m a balding graying 46 who has been married 21 years, I might be excused for not knowing or recognizing her or her music, but my son is 18 and in college, works in a local department store, was active in theater in high school and is in the improv club in college.

This was an embarrassment to him, he had some concerns it might make him an object of some ridicule among his peers when this post went up. What a geek! What a dork! My answer was his fellows at college can enjoy their laugh…

…until graduation when they won’t have time to laugh as they struggle to pay back those student loans taken to pay for school while he while he completes his through college with Das Full Boat.

If he shakes off the laughs and continues to hit the books it won’t matter if he keeps his car radio on his classical stations, and hangs out with sober, religious, drug free friends like Amanda and company. (A crowd that rivals or defeats my college group in sobriety and beats us in the sick sense of humor division but loses to us hands down in the medieval edged weapons category.) He will come out of college way ahead financially and with the freedom to decide what he wants to do without a millstone of debt around his neck to hold him back.

If the economy hasn’t recovered by then it might just be the edge he needs to make it. I guess the joke isn’t on him after all. Remember Sheldon didn’t know who Radiohead was but who did Penny turn to for help…

and no I don’t know who Radiohead is either.

Update: But I bet these teen girls do.