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This Knights of Columbus is one of the premier Catholic fraternal and charitable organizations in the world. In its over a century of existence it has contributed a fortune for charitable causes all over the world. One of the causes most dear to the heart of the knights is are physically and mentally disabled children.

This week and weekend you will see Knights at your local mall, on street corners and in public places running our annual tootsie roll drive to help mentally disabled children. 100% of the money raised from these drives go to the cause. If you see a knight with a can out in front of your local supermarket, drop in a few cents, enjoy the tootsie roll he gives you and open and read the wrapper inside to learn about the good that small change you are parting with will do this year.

And if you are a practicing Catholic who would like to get involved with the Knights click here, you will find local counsels exist all over the country and beyond.

The 4th degree honor guard joins us before the start of the festival:

We will see them again next year, if you have a Catholic or Civic event and wish the Knights to march to add pageantry contact your local council.

In addition to the people there quite a few exhibitors attended the men’s conference.

Adopt a Student helps people pay for Catholic education.

I should make it plain you don’t have to be Catholic to get that aid

Lighthouse Catholic Media Offers CD’s from great Catholic speakers to help evangelize the faith.

I have a few of these CD’s myself, they are first rate and will tell you a lot more about the actual Catholic Faith as opposed to what people say it is.

If your interest is more political then you might want to check out Catholic Citizenship

Would that Bart Stupak did.

Thomas Moore liberal Arts College in Southern NH had a booth:

Magdalen College also attended but didn’t go on Camera with us. Strangely enough The College of the Holy Cross, Assumption College and Anna Maria college, all in Worcester had no presence at all. You would think colleges in Worcester that proclaim themselves Catholic would bother to show up. Feel free to contact them and ask why.

A Vatican representative from Rome attended promoting pilgrimages to holy places. Journey of the Spirit is the web site.

This is exactly the type of woman (a faithful Italian) that my mother urged each one of her sons to marry. Alas for mom none of us did.

As a member of the Knights of Columbus I would be derelict in my duty to not give my group a plug:

There were actually three Knights booth there. I actually joined the Knights at the Men’s conference last year.

Finally you likely have heard of ETWN but you might not have heard of Catholic TV. If you haven’t Bonnie Rogers solves that problem.

And beyond that there was a dizzying array of devotional books available from many different vendors.

I’ve been all NY-23 all the time here over the last two weeks or so, (Vote Hoffman!) but there is an election in my city too today.

Here in Fitchburg we have a mayor’s election and between Lisa Wong, nice lady, smart lady but friend of Patrick and shared a stage with Obama and Michael “Fuzzy” Voisine who is known for Pizza and sub in town for over 20 years.

At the last minute Tom Donnley has jumped into the race as a write in, the Unicow who I rarely agree with is right about this:

Just how stupid does Donnelly think the people of Fitchburg are, anyway? Judging from the comments on Sentinel articles, most people who aren’t rabid anti-Wong loonies have in no way forgotten what the guy’s all about, or that he helped create the problems Wong has been trying to fix for the last two years. They also see through the whole “I’ll swoop in late and avoid any actual campaigning” gambit.

To know Tom Donnley is to not vote for Tom Donnley, my mother won’t go near him because of issues with taxes and I’m certainly not going to write him in.

There is a lot of opposition to Mayor Wong. She is a competent person who is very smart and means very well. There is no chance she would solve Fitchburg’s problems in one term and the Ice Storm certainly didn’t help. I think she is being groomed for larger things in the Democratic party (she gets an AWFUL lot of state press, we never did before) but I think she would be better on a local level.

When I heard about Donnley I laughed at this apparent ego trip…

…until I went to the K of C meeting last night. It was Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy, everyone was for Fuzzy, I was shocked. These are all working class guys and not a one of them was against Fuzzy and not a one of them was for Mayor Wong. I haven’t made a final decision but I was likely the most pro-wong person there.

If you told me yesterday that Donnley was there to take votes against Fuzzy I would have laughed at you. Today I don’t know, and frankly I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Unless the fact that this City is a drug Hub and that the Gangs have been allowed to establish themselves is addressed all the other stuff isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference.

In the end we get the government we deserve, no matter who wins, no matter where you are, it’s up to you, go vote!

If you don’t then I’d better not hear you whining.