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So today’s around the blogroll will concentrate on blogs that covered the rallies.

Due to my visit to the 10th annual Worcester Diocese Catholic’s Men’s Conference I completed missed and heard not a thing about the rallies today so instead of the regular rotation of the blogroll feature we will focus on sites that covered the protests…

Let’s start with the other McCain. It was all over the protests:

If the President is telling you he doesn’t care about the procedure, as in the sign below the Gadsden flag here, you need to play the WTF card on the spot. Process is to government as safety interlocks are on equipment. Saying the process doesn’t matter is like saying the little gas nozzle piece that stops pumping when the tank is full doesn’t matter.

Some nice photos of Smitty there too.

No Sheepies here highlights Jon Voight:

“He will be a one-term president, but the tracks he lays will be devastating to our country for years to come.”

Adrienne’s Corner channels Glenn Reynolds by providing multiple links and updates.

Today I offer thanks to the hardworking bloggers who are keeping us informed of the happenings in Washington.

Classy people give credit when it is do. That’s Adrienne all over.
Instapundit notes an interesting question:

Reader Rob Kleine writes: “All the focus on the anti-Obamacare protests has me wondering: Are there any pro-Obamacare protesters? Or is the Emperor truly w/o clothes?” I think there was an anti-war protest today in DC, too, but if there were pro-Obamacare protesters I haven’t heard about ‘em.

Now that’s a good question, do they have a good answer?
The Reclusive Leftist takes a shot but being fair minded doesn’t forget the past:

Many people have pointed to this video as evidence of just how evil and barbaric the right-wing crazies really are. And they are, of course. But evil and barbaric is not exactly limited to the right. If you doubt me, cruise through the archives of this blog for the year 2008. Go on, I dare you. Remember the “Sarah Palin is a cunt” T-shirts? Remember the jokes about her “Mongoloid whelp”? Remember the public fantasies about murdering that lying bitch Hillary and burying her body in West Virginia? Good times.

American culture is coarse and vulgar and hateful. It’s like that on both the right and the left. I can’t stand any of it, to tell you the truth. This is why I live in an imaginary Smoking Lounge and pretend to be a ghost who’s sleeping with a reincarnated parrot. It’s more fun.

It’s not just the Sarah Palin stuff on the left, I remember a Coakley person in the face of a badly disabled man at the president’s appearance the sunday before the election

I guess that will do for now. I have a lot of video and photos from the conference but that will have to wait till tomorrow.