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Let me remind the ignorant at Mediate that anyone who has actually paid attention knows and can see that the Impeach Obama

Kesha Rogers DEMOCRATIC PARTY NOMINEE for congress in Texas 22nd district

signs with the Hitler Mustaches that you constantly see are held by the Lyndon LaRouche people who are not Tea Party people, they are in fact Democrats.

May I also point out that one of those LaRouche Democrats Kesha Rogers is actually the Democratic party nominee for congress in Tx-22?

This story has been covered by blogs such as Big Government and I Hate the Media ,but for some reason Mediaite the MSM, Bill Maher et/all have no use for it.

However AOL NEWS did talk to her and she had this to say:

9) In 50 words or less, what’s the first thing the new Congress should do to improve the economy?

Use the 25th Amendment to remove Obama from office, for mental incompetency. Then, reinstate FDR’s 1933 Glass-Steagall act, to end Wall Street bailouts. Invest trillions in physical infrastructure and productive jobs, especially in NASA, terraforming the biosphere, nuclear power and maglev rail. Revive the culture of the American Classical tradition.

10) In 50 words or less, what’s the biggest threat facing the country today?

Hyperinflation. The world banking system is hopelessly bankrupt, and simply printing bailout money will make our banks collapse. This is already happening. This policy will send the world into a dark age, and if not stopped with global Glass-Steagall type measures, will wipe out whole nations and cultures.

Let’s just remind you…this is the DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE for congress in Tx-22. (the republican office holder is 1st term congressman Pete Olson btw)

Maybe it’s just me but I think that a black woman calling for the removal of President Obama from office representing the Democratic Party in a congressional election would seem like an interesting story to me.

But Rob Reiner (who is a great comic and director) finds comfort in their Nazi fantasies, that way when they lose to the Big Red Wave, it won’t be because the American people rejected them, it will be due to the forces of Evil!