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who were so dying to get rid of Martha Coakley that they wrote in either GUY A. CARBONE ( * ) 9,505 or JAMES P. MCKENNA ( * ) 27,711.

This race reminded me of the Auditor race in that I liked both candidates very much and it’s a shame one had to lose, I would love to see Carbone and Jain both involved in government or as candidates in the future.

Lots of interesting races but for me there are three that stand out for me.

Kamal Jain at the Twin City Tea Party March 2010

Two of them are statewide: State Auditor features two spectacular candidates Mary Z. Connaughton and Kamal Jain are both seeking the auditor’s office. Mary has the experience as a CPA, Kamal has some spectacular ideas and experience as an efficiency expert. I will be happy with either candidate picking one is going to be the toughest vote I’ve ever cast. I keep going back and forth and I likely won’t make a final decision until I get into the booth. (Whoever loses this race needs to run for another office in 2012 so I can vote for them)

Mary Connaughton in Framingham August 2010

For Attorney General Guy Carbone and James McKenna are both running Sticker campaigns. Again both are more than acceptable. Carbone is paisan, his story is the story of my family, his patron saint is the patron of my church (St. Anthony di Padua) and his positions sync with mine, James McKenna is not paisan, I have no idea of his family background, but our positions also sync, I have some familiarity with his work as a prosecutor and his work with ethics and he will get my vote today.

Jim McKenna (right) at the Reading Tea party 9/2010

There are also contested primaries in the congressional races for the 5th, 3rd and 10th districts, most of the action is on the GOP side.

The other race that interests me in on the Democratic side and is local. For Worcester County Sheriff you have Tom Foley vs Scott Bove. Massachusetts is one of the few states where the Sheriff’s office is not very powerful. Foley has a long experience in law enforcement but Bove has 20 years at the prison itself as a Co. Since the primary duty is to run the prison Foley has to have my nod.

Scott Bove (D) for Sheriff

These races won’t get the press that Christine O’Donnell vs Mike Castle is getting in Delaware but the names in these small races often are where future reps, governors, and congressmen come from. The Mass GOP is building up its farm system and will be ready to play hardball in 2012.

I talked to Candidate for Auditor Kamal Jain about his campaign and vision for the office:

Q: How has your campaign been received.

A: People love my message. They get the idea of using technology to create transparency it appeals to them.

Q: Why the appeal?

A: They appreciate that I respect their intelligence. Government might write bigger checks and buy other things but if you can balance your checkbook and unit price shop you have the basics at looking at government spending

Q: How do you think Government went wrong?

A: Government got larger and less local, as it became a profession it meant that we lost the ability to see what is going on.

Q: And how is this solved?

A: The internet is more of a game changer than the printing press. By using the internet as a vehicle to make a new relationship with the people. The idea is to allow the people to audit government themselves.

Q: So big government is the problem?

A It is easy to forget that there are hardworking people in government but you also have to remember that Government by nature is not efficient. It consists of people spending money that isn’t theirs on a different group of people. With 537 agencies each functioning as fiefdom protecting themselves you need a more objective eye to see what is happening.

Q: Surely this information is already public?

A: True but its release is not only slow but expensive if you try to obtain it. That is government trying to protect itself, but 13 states already have public checkbooks. There is a massive appetite for this.

Q: I first saw you at the twin city tea party, how long have you been involved in the movement?

A: I’ve been involved in the tea party movement since 2007 long before it became a national phenom. In 2008 when people were saying “Yes we can” we were asking “Yes we can what? I would serve no more than 2 terms, accept no pension and take a 10% cut in pay if elected. I’ve also been endorsed by Tea Party Favorite Ron Paul.

Here is a quick video of him at the twin city tea party in March: