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but I saw this via Dan Riehl’s tweet and my jaw rolled off, and dumped itself somewhere between the table and the TV.

Just one month after his estranged wife Elizabeth succumbed to her battle with cancer, the Enquirer reports that the former presidential candidate has popped the question, asking Hunter to marry him and purchasing a $3.5 luxury beachfront home for the couple and their toddler daughter.

Now with the stipulation that it is better for the kid (who has no responsibility for any of this) to grow up with her father and mother together the suddenness of all is really unnerving.

Remember if it was up to the media none of this would ever have been reported.

…beat their breasts about the John Edwards story not believing that he got away with it for so long. How can they do this on Morning Joe with a strait face?

You would think that they would be embarrassed to do so, I certainly would have thought so.

It’s not like we haven’t been writing about this for a while.

Mickey Kaus should run on his willingness to say what other people wouldn’t.

Exit question, if the white house eventually gets rid of Kevin Jennings will we see people on Morning Joe be surprised that he lasted so long?

is worth a read. It is something that a lot of mainstream journalists owe us.

Although he does indulge in his normal Palin derangement/Sullivan’s syndrome behavior he still deserves credit for it..

I can’t help but tweak him however over one statement that is so funny that you had better not be drinking when you read it. So put down whatever you are drinking before you click the “read the rest of the entry” link…


…beat her breast over Andrew Young as the enabler of John Edwards and his book?

Were none of these people employed as journalists in 2008? They certainly believe that Morning Joe viewers don’t read Kausfiles.

You want to see enablers of John Edwards Tina, look in the mirror.

Update: Byron York Elaborates:

Dec 2007:

At the time, Edwards thought he had outsmarted the watchdogs of the press, frustrating their best attempts to uncover the story. But it later turned out that many journalists just didn’t want to report the news and hadn’t tried very hard to uncover the facts.

And then again July 2008, Edwards is actually caught in a Hotel:

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the broadcast networks and the cable news outlets — none reported the story. And yet this time it bubbled up, from the blogs to talk radio to late-night television. By the second week of August, Edwards appeared on ABC News to semi-confess.

An explosive scandal had been kept out of the press for months at a time when the man at the center of it was an important player in national politics. Why? Young thought it was because the Edwards camp so tightly controlled information that journalists weren’t able to find sources to corroborate the Enquirer’s reporting. Perhaps that was part of it. But the fact was, many editors and reporters just didn’t want to tell the story. They admired Elizabeth Edwards. They saw no good in exposing John Edwards’ sordid acts.

Journalists saw no good in exposing the sordid acts of a former, senator, vice presidential and presidential candidate.

Remember Media when you ask why you aren’t trusted or respected remember that you did this to yourselves.