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I have the strange Habit in the morning (for a conservative) of watching Morning Joe on weekdays as I get ready to start my day.

Morning Joe is interesting for several reasons. It is the least bombastic show on MSNBC, and the only one where a conservative positions are occasionally introduced. It’s a great measure if a conservative story is actually going to break into the MSM, even if it is to simply be attacked. It is also the most entertaining morning show out there.

One and a while they have a guest that is so outrageous that I tend to change the channel. One of them is Dr. Jeffrey Sachs from the Earth institute of Columbia University. His most egregious batch of nonsense was referring to the great scholar Victor Davis Hanson as an “extremist” and excoriating Joe Scarborough for quoting a piece of his.

This morning just after coming home from taking my kid to school they brought Sachs on. I was busy writing bills so I only briefly registered him, but my jaw dropped because he started talking sensibly about nuclear power in the US. It was such a change, he pointed out that the US does have nuclear power now and it has been generally safe that I started to pay closer attention…then he went and spoiled it by making an incredible claim.

Just after Ed Rendell made the great point that no US trial lawyer has even won a death suit over nuclear power. Sacks followed up stating AS A FACT that thousands of people are dying all over the world from climate change, and calling those do disagree propagandists. He claimed this was due to droughts, floods and famine.

The sheer absurdity of this claim is breathtaking; anyone who has studied history of the world knows that droughts, floods and famine have been with us since time immemorial. To try to make such a connection is so egregious, so nonsensical that you would wonder that an educated person could say it, then again how much funding does Columbia’s “earth institute” from the Global Warming crowd?

Morning Joe Today hit Michelle Bachmann for incorrectly placing Lexington and Concord in New Hampshire but nobody challenged Sacks completely unprovable statement, even more incredible is the idea of making such a statement while people are pulling actual dead bodies out of cars and homes in Japan.

If you want to know why academics have lost the respect of the public in general, look no further.

Update: That’s Jeffrey Sachs btw, corrected

When Joe Scarborough quoted this Victor Davis Hanson piece today a panelist (Jeffrey Sachs) pooh poohed him as an “extremist” and nobody on that panel challenged him. He maintained Victor Davis Hanson is an extremist who has gotten us into a bunch of wars.

Yes this writer and grape grower who pens books on military history is the cause of all evil.

When you don’t have the intellectual power to match a Hanson then all you can do is attack.

Update: Ron Radosh notes that the idea of “No Labels” and civility doesn’t seem to apply to conservative thinkers:

And what did Joe “Mr. No Labels” movement Scarborough, who talks every day about the need for civility, camaraderie and dialogue between folks of different opinions, have to say to Jeffrey Sachs after this most vile outburst?

The answer: absolutely nothing, but move on to the next point as if Sachs had never spoken these words. Sachs has accused the estimable historian of causing us to get into more wars than anybody else in America, and of being an extremist, and all Scarborough could come up with is a lame joke about Hanson not being on his Christmas card list.

All labels are bad, but some labels are more equal than others apparently.