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thus Sayith Carl Bernstein Watching Morning Joe, because of the resignation the NPR statement and the current fight was forced to cover the story. Yet although they played the key segments (stressing it was “edited” and that is was O’Keefe’s group while not mentioning that O’Keefe wasn’t in the video, nor mentioning the 2nd NPR person in the videos) the topic was instantly about how much of a non story this was, how unimportant it is and why we shouldn’t care.

Thus the show is able to say: “Yes we covered it.”, without giving it any credence.

Alas for them they had Cokie Roberts and her husband scheduled so it was impossible to not touch on it again. Again it was called a distraction, Cokie stressed how the small stations would suffer without federal funding and how much separation there is from the actual journalism and the exects.

This tells me that they can’t ignore it. The trap was the crank call against Walker. Morning Joe and the MSM went long on it, the media ate it up. Because they did and because it was Walker is still in the news. it became impossible to totally ignore it.

This is going to undermine democrats in the senate big time which already had problems:

In November, the same week that George Soros declared war on Fox News by giving $1 million to Media Matters, NPR announced it had accepted a $1.8 million grant from Soros’s Open Society Foundations for a 50-state local reporting initiative.

The grant, coming so close to Williams’s firing, stuck in conservatives’ craw.

“When NPR receives million-dollar gifts from Mr. Soros, it is an insult to taxpayers when other organizations, such as demand that Congress ‘save NPR and PBS’ by guaranteeing ‘permanent funding and independence from partisan meddling,’ as the liberal interest group did last month,” DeMint wrote in the Wall Street Journal last week.

The increased scrutiny is certainly not going to be healthy for them.

Update: Vivian Schiller just resigned. Apparently this is no longer a half minute new story. Over to you Carl.

Update 2:
That half minute keeps getting longer and longer doesn’t it? Ron Schiller is now out of Aspen too, and apparently Vivian didn’t resign, she was fired.

except this.

Watch over the next 48 hours as the left and the media suddenly decide that they want to listen to what Andrew Breitbart has to say.

As for O’Keefe I was too fast with the wheel of fish award last time but you could substitute this incident for the last one in that post and you would have my opinion on the matter.

As time has passed it has become increasingly clear that James O’Keefe did not attempt to bug Landrieu’s office.

The various attacks of the left have disappeared into vapor, to the point were Patterico is running rings around them and Breitbart is making them look like fools.

Meanwhile the O’Keefe arrest that was the lead story for the MSM all over has gone poof, no new stories, nothing much happening, very quiet and most importantly quiet at a time when the MSM and the democrats could use something to distract Americans from their own failures.

Has this case gone to court yet? No. Could something more be coming? With God all things are possible but the media’s behavior and Eric Holder’s Justice’s actions suggests otherwise. Their actions or lack thereof is the Dog that didn’t bark.

“Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

“To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

“The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

“That was the curious incident,” remarked Sherlock Holmes.

I must conclude that although I included the proper caveats I was wrong. So the Wheel of Fish award goes to me:

I’ll put it next to my Reagan award.

Question: What is the ultimate expression of wishful thinking?

Ah the people at Breitbart’s Big Journalism prove that mindless optimism is not confined to myself and Lt. George:

While it is true Mr. Johnson did not use the precise phrase “white nationalist convention” as was noted in Weigel’s article, he said something very similar in the comments of his blog. In this case, Mr. Johnson does not attribute his claim that O’Keefe attended a “meeting of white nationalists” to anyone.

We hope that Mr. Johnson, an influential presence in the blogosphere, will issue a retraction without playing the semantics game with the words “meeting” and “conference,” but just in case, from

In addition, his claim O’Keefe was “a friend” of Marcus Epstein is false. In an interview with, James O’Keefe denied Mr. Johnson’s claim, which, again, is unattributed. As was hashed out here, there is no factual basis for Johnson to imply a close link between O’Keefe and Epstein:

They did manage to notice that the action at Charles’ blog is often in the comments, not in the articles.

Meanwhile Pam Geller (who looks incredible in a Fedora) knows what the score is:

This is what Johnson does. He has gotten a great deal of publicity for his announcement about how he parted ways with the Right, but the real story of Charles Johnson is not even that he changed his mind or his politics. Little Green Footballs today is not a political site. It’s an attack site. He has set about to destroy the most effective voices on the Right. But in fact, he destroyed himself.

Then again that mindless optimism post from Jan 6th was about the fact that Scott Brown’s chances weren’t all that good so you never know.