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…that John McCain will be a hawk on immigration.

As everyone knows I have a lot more fondness for McCain (due to his critical part in the Iraq war victory) that my friend Barbara Espinosa who has spent the last several months effectively laying out the case against him.

As I mentioned yesterday I certainly would prefer him to the democratic alternative but people need to go into this election with their eyes wide open. If republicans in Arizona choose McCain over J. D. Hayworth (who is always described as a “radio show host” rather than the congressman that he was by the media) then you deserve all that you get from him during the next congress.

You have absolutely no excuse, there is no way you can be deceived unless you let yourself. McCain is going to turn on a dime once this election is done, so when he does I don’t want to hear one word of complaint from republicans who support him.

It’s your choice not mine. I hope you make a wise one.

strangely familiar?

I made coffee, coffee, coffee and coffee plus 9 grain toast with peanut butter and did the laundry. He paces, drinks coffee, smokes paces some more and types like a demon possessed. His mind is always going 90 to nothing {you can almost hear his brain thinking.}

Ah memories, her final evaluation of the time:

Robert Stacy McCain is like following Columbo, watching a Prima Ballerina, Academy Award Winner and a whirling dervish all rolled into one. It has taken me 48 hours to recoup.

She put it better than I did.

Don’t miss Stacy’s coverage as well.

as she is a BIG supporter of J. D. Hayworth. (Who I managed to miss at CPAC).

Morning Joe is just destroying John McCain over the “I was duped” stuff. I remember the presidential campaign, at the time this came up he was ahead. Rush and many other conservatives insisted that if he just came out against this it would be the clincher as the American people didn’t didn’t trust it. He insisted he knew better (after all he was a long time senator) and Gov Palin, as a vice presidential candidate does, backed and defended the top of the ticket. This destroyed him.

I will always have a soft spot for John McCain, he stood alone for the surge when many republicans wanted him and it to go away. If there is a person other than President Bush that we can point to as responsible for the Victory in Iraq it is him. For that reason he is owed a debt that can never be repaid. (Not just in terms of Americans, but Iraqi’s who are still alive because of him).

But just as I wouldn’t consider Nomar the shortstop solution for the RedSox in 2010 as his time has passed I think that Barbara is right. John McCain’s time has passed.

It would appear that Mr. Hayworth shares Sen McCain’s correct positions on the war and on Reconciliation while being better on solid conservative issues.

One prediction: If he loses the primary be aware that he will become THE goto republican as far as the MSM goes for as long as he wants to be.

Update: Boy does Michelle elaborate.