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Oh you meanTHOSE  WMD

Posted: October 24, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, war
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It is my opinion that Julian Assange should be arrested and prosecuted and if the leaker of these documents is a government or/military they should be tried to the fullest extent of federal (or military) law.

That being said there have been some interesting revelations out these, particularity this one:

Meanwhile, the second battle of Fallujah was raging in Anbar province. In the southeastern corner of the city, American forces came across a “house with a chemical lab … substances found are similar to ones (in lesser quantities located a previous chemical lab.” The following day, there’s a call in another part of the city for explosive experts to dispose of a “chemical cache.”

Nearly three years later, American troops were still finding WMD in the region. An armored Buffalo vehicle unearthed a cache of artillery shells “that was covered by sacks and leaves under an Iraqi Community Watch checkpoint. “The 155mm rounds are filled with an unknown liquid, and several of which are leaking a black tar-like substance.” Initial tests were inconclusive. But later, “the rounds tested positive for mustard.”

This kind of stuff has been reported and ignored for years, now that it is being reported by the darlings of the left as Wikileaks, I wonder what will be said?

I’d still just as soon not have had the leaks but it is interesting.

Update: Lonely conservative gets it, oh and professor Jacobson points out they reveal that we are already at war with Iran, or rather Iran is already at war with us.

If anything good comes from the Wikileaks disclosure, it will be to pull the mask off of Iranian involvement in Iraq, how much the Iranians contributed to the deterioration of Iraq after the 2003 invasion (and yes, the intra-Iraqi violence), and the continuing Iranian war against us.

When are we going to stop kidding ourselves about Iran? The Iranian war against us cannot be swept under the rug anymore in light of Iran’s nuclear program.

To this I say Well DUH! Of COURSE Iran is at war with us, our promotion of democracy in countries next door is going to be fatal to their dictatorship, our willingness to knock off terrorists even more so. Dictatorships and the privileges they bring don’t just give up happy and go home.

Update 2: Rick Moran gives us the facts of life

Don’t expect any apologies from the rest of the world or even any acknowledgment that they were wrong. The narrative is set and nothing will change it.

I’ll keep an eye on Morning Joe but I won’t get my hopes up.

Back in Aug of 2009 I ran this chart of Vietnam vets against the war on Google news in a story of how Vietnam vets against the war decided not to back up Cindy Sheehan’s protest against the Obama administration:

Funny how they dropped off the radar in Jan of 2009.

I was reminded of that story when I saw this:

Several factors — war fatigue; a deep, lingering recession; and the presence of a Democratic president they helped elect — have drained the energy from organizations that led the fight against the Iraq war. Some of the most influential anti-war activist groups that once summoned half a million people to march against the Iraq war and the policies of former President George W. Bush are straining to raise the money and attention to fight what they see as Obama’s military entrenchment in Afghanistan.
“We don’t have a very vibrant anti-war movement anymore,” lamented Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Codepink, one of the anti-war movement’s most visible organizations. emphasis mine

Politico seems to be confused by this. If they had been paying attention a year ago they would not be so surprised. Have they given the anti war much attention in print themselves? Or perhaps they might remember this famous line:

If George W. Bush becomes president, the armies of the homeless, hundreds of thousands strong, will once again be used to illustrate the opposition’s arguments about welfare, the economy, and taxation.

George Bush is no longer president, those who oppose him politically who provided finances and manpower and media coverage in an attempt to bring him down will absolutely not do the same with Barack Obama.

BTW I figured I’d update my check of Vietnam Vets against the war on Google News since last year.

Vietnam vets against the war updated graph

A blip, we have a blip! Is it a press release, is it a march, is it a national event, no? What can that one blip be?

This is defiantly NOT the time to get out of politics. Some people feel threatened by the Tea Party movement. While I don’t subscribe too many of their viewpoints, I welcome them to the political fray. Their movement is probably the best thing to happen in politics since the Vietnam Vets against the War staged a million person demonstration in West Potomac Park in March of 1973.

One mention in a side article on the tea party in February. That’s it?

Don’t despair Cindy, Medina, it takes time to create true believers. Come November 2012 I’m sure many on the left who decided that American Military power is not something to protest will suddenly come around. Rest assured that you will have all the support and manpower George Soros and the Democratic party can buy.

I spent most of the day over a relative’s house, so when I got home I just crashed staying up long enough to start a backup, so I totally missed the president’s speech.

Lucky for you Aleister of American Glob was up to do the job

and of course there was the drunkblogging from Vodka pundit who started with this line:

Tonight, after 18 tumultuous months in office, President Obama faces his toughest challenge yet: To claim credit in Iraq without driving a thankful nation to laughter and tears, but mostly laughter.

I’ll say it again. One of my biggest fears was that the election of Obama would mean surrender in Iraq. It has not. If the cost is a self serving speech and double talk from Gibbs, I’ll take it.

Update: Oh and Michelle has the History of Obama and Iraq

No word on whether Obama will apologize for his past political hackery and cynical attacks on those in the Bush administration who supported the troop surge that made his speech tonight possible.

It would be nice, but I’ll settle for victory.

As has been reported the last combat troops left Iraq this week. Garrison troops remain and will likely continue to remain for years.

It is fact that George Bush pushed the surge that made victory possible, and that then Senator Obama along with most of the media and intelligentsia opposed it bitterly.

It is also a fact that despite this after assuming office the president continued the policy that allowed this withdrawal to take place in victory rather than in defeat.

With his base angry with him it would have been so easy to demagogue Iraq to appease them with a midterm coming up, he choose not to do so.

Yes it is a bit disconcerting to hear they take credit for what they opposed and watch the media praise them for it, but its a lot better than listening to them describe defeat.

Eyes on the prize, the goal was victory in Iraq, if the price of that is watching people I disagree with do a little victory dance, who cares?

The win in Iraq is good news, the country should be happy and the president can and should take a respectful bow, not only on behalf of himself but of the nation that fought and paid for that victory.

Good show!