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Well here comes the bleg…

I owe debts of gratitude to Stacy McCain, Barbara Espinosa for their assistance in Washington. I owe a particular debut to Andrea Shea King who helped out a total stranger on the word of someone else. Finally a tip of the Fedora to The Charming Roxeanne of Haemet who provided moral support.

Thanks also to all who have linked and all who have read or commented on the posts I’ve put up and will put up on the subject.

As regular readers know I’m about 6 weeks from the end of my unemployment. Although I had a free ride down I racked up an extra $250 of expenses consisting of The train Ticket home ($135), Memory Cards and batteries ($40) and cell phone stuff ($70).

If anyone is able and willing to help offset these expenses I would really appreciate it. Just click on the “I’ll do it myself Tucker fund“. Please specify in comments that it is to offset Washington so I don’t put it toward Ga.

I’m still offering my Have Fedora will travel services for a full week of blogging & filming etc to anyone with a story they want told. Price $1000, plus flight, hotel and rental car.

To any who can kick in from $5 to $500 I will not forget it.

And of course if anyone wants to hire a full time telecommuting staff blogger let me know.

Update: Wow! It’s one thing to get an instalanche, it’s another to get one on a tip jar request. What an amazing thing to wake up to after a day of illness. Thanks to all who stopped by. when it no longer hurts to look at the screen I’ll thank you properly.

Update 2: You guys are really something. Washington is paid for, anything extra will go to the Ga Trip. Thanks to each and every one of you.

Even after the Lonely Conservative joined the ridiculously long list of bloggers encouraging people to send money to a total stranger to send him to CPAC (thanks oh lonely one btw) I had already resigned myself to staying home. I knew exactly how I was going to say it.

I was going to explain how being a conservative means knowing that if you don’t have enough money to do something you don’t fudge it, you don’t charge the extra and hope for the best you, You say, OK I can’t afford it I can’t afford it and do without as Sharpe told Col Hogan:

Major Hogan: What do you do when you’re short of Cash Sharpe?

Lt. Sharpe: Do Without sir.

You can see the quote at 7:53

I wasn’t concerned, after all I was still very flattered by what WAS given 72% of it from people who have never met me. If that wasn’t enough of a shock several people who gave significant contributions by check told me to keep the money no matter what happened with CPAC.

Those funds were enough to pick up the necessary replacement laptop (grabbed it tonight before I got home). It is without question the best computer I ever purchased, not because of the quality (it is bottom of the line) but because it was a gift from people trying to help. How can anything ever top that?

So I was making plans for the week, first a thank you post to those who gave and paid for my laptop. Then, the youngest was figuring on a trip to Funspot on the weekend, Tuesday is the City Counsel meeting, Wednesday would be Ash Wednesday and the wife figured we’d go to Boston one day during vacation. I’d get my CPAC info the way I did every year by reading other blogs.

Stacy had inquired how much I had left to go, I let him know. I got an e-mail from a reader of his who wanted to ask a question I answered it but didn’t get my hopes up, after all there was quite a ways to go and there are a lot more worthy causes out there than me.

Then just before midnight, 11:13 p.m. to be exact, came the paypal notice and I got the shock of my life.

Once again it was a total stranger, never met, never talked yet suddenly the balance was taken care of. I arranged a phone call to talk and express my surprise and gratitude. It’s one thing to have someone like your writing, it’s quite another for them to express that feeling in this fashion.

So it appears that I will be on my way to CPAC, tomorrow in between my errands I’ll register pack and make final arrangements to leave.

To all of you who helped make this possible, from the $5 spot to the final gift, I will never forget it…

…and yes the look on my wife’s face was something to see.

…telling me I would be hearing from him this morning concerning CPAC blogger credentials.

That however is quickly becoming a moot point. I am $800 shy with now 4 days to go and the only reason why I’m that close is that a guest room has been offered to me.

In the last 7 days the “CPAC” fund has been as successful as Eric Idle’s attempts at Camel spotting.

When Robert Stacy stayed here my wife referred to it as “my summer camp”, there was a fair amount of work that it entailed and a lot less sleep than I’m used to, but it was an awful lot of fun. (more…)

Since we are in the home stretch basically 3 days to raise the money to go to CPAC per Stacy’s suggestion I’m going to pin this to the top and update the title daily unless the numbers move more than 10% before a day is finished.

I’m still a ways away from the goal. It is doable but not definite. If you want to see me blog from CPAC and wish to kick in just click here and follow the links on the page..

Update: 2 days left I put up a new long post on the subject yesterday morning. Thanks very much to two contributors who accounted for an additional 7% of the goal. I suppose $350 a day is possible and even better than the money would be the look on the wife’s face if it comes.

UPDATE: Yup my wife’s face is a sight to see.