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Nancy Pelosi is telling democrats in tough races that they should be willing to give up their seats to pass the healthcare bill.

Ok Madame Speaker, since you are so adamant about this issue I have a suggestion:


Resign today!

Show your fellow democrats that power doesn’t mean anything to you. Show that you are so committed to this bill and all the good it will do. Show them that you will give up your safe seat in the house in order to inspire others to risk theirs.

Forgetting the political advantage, this will give you time to actually enjoy life outside of Washington while you are still young enough to do so. Spend time with your children and grandchildren, it’s the greatest pleasure in life. You might even take the time to get yourself right with the church again.

Your seat is safely democratic so you are sure to see it kept by the party, maybe you should get the other chairmen in safe seats to follow you as an example.

The world is waiting on you Nancy, do you have the guts to give up what you are asking your fellows to risk? What will the order be?

Go! or Follow?

Update: Another reason for Nancy to resign. She gave my friend Adrienne a headache yesterday.