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Stuff like this is just plain funny:

I’ll sleep better tonight, because Napalitano reminded viewers that “thousands of people are working 24/7, 364 days a year to keep the American people safe.”

Hey maybe it’s a red herring, maybe its a trap because on that 365th day we have hundreds of thousands of people working!, meanwhile we are joking about it:

Napolitano didn’t specify which day was the Homeland Security “off day,” which of course helps to keep our terrorist enemies off guard. After all, if they don’t know the magic day when all are defenses are down, how can they plan an attack? Is it New Year’s Eve? (Perhaps too obvious) Flag Day? Is it that National Cupcake Day? Can we agree to make it a day when I’m out of town?

Hotair is more nuanced:

A nuanced treat from the same tough-minded security mind who looked upon the near-destruction of Flight 253 and declared, “The system worked.” In fact, now that I think of it, didn’t the Flight 253 plot go down last year on Christmas Day? Well, then, there’s your answer to why DHS missed so many red flags at the time: They had Christmas off.

Yeah yeah I know she misspoke we all do, but consider if this was said by Sarah Palin it wouldn’t it be the top story everywhere?

BTW a shout out to Morning Joe for leading with this in the 1st hour. (BTW Mika wasn’t there with that first hour, and now she is there and they didn’t lead with it at 8 a.m. coincidence?)

Tucker Carlson (who still hasn’t hired me) has launched his new Daily Caller site. One story caught my eye at once because it would never be a big deal in the MSM The Michael Yon story:

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport officials recently interrogated and handcuffed Army Green Beret-turned-reporter Michael Yon because he refused to tell them how much money he makes.

Ten days after the underwear bomber’s foiled attack aboard Flight 253 to Detroit, the award-winning war correspondent was detained by U.S. Customs Border and Protection after having spent most of the last 12 months reporting from the front lines of Afghanistan.

Naturally this is a story known in the blogosphere and we’ve mentioned it here but it’s good that it gets exposure on day one since this is the day he will get the most MSM hits, back to the story:

Yon said the incident seemed neither contrived nor politically motivated. “It was more like spontaneous incompetence,” he said, adding that in his travels to more than 50 countries he had never been treated so badly. Moreover, Yon has written about undue harassment at the border before, and said he doesn’t believe this was a result of increased security in the wake of the Christmas day incident.

“I am a U.S. citizen. If a cop on the street asked me how much money I make, I wouldn’t answer him either,” he said. “I wish they would just release the tapes so we could be done with this.”

The sad thing is Yon has been producing first class reports on the War on Terror for years and hasn’t been noticed. (Well we’ve noticed him). If he was known half as well as he should be, he would never have been stopped.

One of my biggest regrets was missing a chance to interview him on the HiWired blog about 3 years ago, we exchanged e-mails but we just kept missing each other.

And Tucker just a reminder: $800 a week, I’d even be willing to start at $650 on a trial basis and you can have me full time.