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Bruins 2010, in NY they must be smiling

Posted: May 15, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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In C. S. Forester’s second novel Ship of the Line there is a passage where Hornblower presses 80 men from for East India Company ships in violation of law. When the pressed men are mustered on the deck the crew of the Sutherland, many of the pressed men themselves, grin at someone else meeting what fate had thrown at them.

Last night the Philadelphia Flyers completed a most improbable comeback not only from being down 3 games to none, but the Bruins led 3-0 in the first period and Philly scored 4 unanswered goals to win the game and the day.

In Boston there is scorn:

Only the Bruins could lose a 3-0 lead twice in the same series.

Only the Bruins could lose a Game 7 on a power-play goal after getting called for too many men on the ice.

In Philly there is happiness but caution:

Defenseman Chris Pronger said that the Flyers were proud to overcome a 3-0 series deficit, but that they were still on a mission.

“It’s great to be a part of history, but we’re eight wins away from where we want to be,” he said.

In the comments page of the New York Daily News came this edited for property:

Officially worse than the Yankees in 2004! Hahahahahahahaha!

Lucky for me I don’t really follow hockey. Now if it was the Red Sox…