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…as I give you a quick update on our Silly Bikini/speedo experiment for Morning Joe.

After two days the search for Mika picture has not only generated 2 1/2 times the number of hits than Savannah Guthrie, but Tuesday searches for Mikia in a Bikini or in “sexy photos” drove 5 times the amount of traffic here as Hannah Giles searches.

I guess the lady still has it, but there are still 5 days to go.

I Agree with Little Miss Attila

Posted: September 19, 2009 by datechguy in oddities

She says in this post

I mean, thought I had been clear about this: I don’t have any pictures of Hannah Giles in a bikini. I don’t have any pictures of Hannah Giles nude. I don’t have any sex video clips of Hannah Giles.

I looked very carefully and didn’t see any of that stuff there at all.

… this post by Glenn:

DEBASING THE CURRENCY REDUCES ITS VALUE: ‘Racist’ claims defuse once powerful word: With the word being used so often, it’s harder to define its meaning. Gee, do you think? You keep running the printing presses with nothing to back them up, and that happens . . . .

And the article it links to that starts with the following line:

Everybody’s racist, it seems.

got me thinking.

Considering my primary blogging Topic lately, this story from ace and this thread from LGF that I was involved in yesterday I’m wondering if Glenn’s post was coincidence or subtle commentary? After all he isn’t the blogfather for nothing!

And no my primary topic has nothing to do with Hannah Giles Bikini pictures, Hannah Giles photos, Hannah Giles videos or Hannah Giles anything else.

Well if I was a dishonest man I’d look at my blog stats for the day and conclude that the phrase Hannah Giles bikini photos had caused me to have more hits than any time this month.

However looking at the raw numbers I see that only 4% of my traffic today came from searches involving Hannah Giles bikini photos or other Hannah Giles searches.

However a full 40% is coming from Michelle Malkin’s blog.

So it looks like Michelle Malkin’s writing is 10 times more popular than Bikini photos of Hannah Giles.

And Mika I’m sorry to say that the phrase: Mika Brzezinski bikini photos has drawn exactly as many hits as Robert Stacy McCain Bikini photos, or Charles Johnson Bikini photos or even Rush Limbaugh Bikini photos, nearly one. Zip zero nada, not even the odd Camel Spotter.

Let me say what I’ve said before, Mika is a very handsome woman and a lot more fair as a reporter than many others on the left as she doesn’t pretend that she is not. I’d say her husband is almost as lucky as me.

Ok I admit it I’ve had much too much fun with all this Bikini photo nonsense but sometimes in life you just have to have fun. For in the words of Detective Billy Shipton at 3:50 below

Because life is short and you are hot

Is that not just the greatest pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Oh and if you haven’t ever watched the Episode Blink, you need to, it’s awesome plus and the writer Stephen Mofatt will be head writer for the series next year when the 11th doctor takes over.

Update: Today’s hit totals are now 5 times my daily avg for this month and exceed the average of my busiest month by 30% as of 1:15 p.m. It is only 8% of my busiest day ever but then again that was my only instalance. Between the time I started writing this post and this update my total hits today are up another 40%.

Update 2: Speaking of blogwhoring.

Update 3: Welcome readers of Robert Stacy. He is is right in one respect, the whole Bikini picture meme has given my already odd sense of humor a very silly twist today, I’ve been laughing all day and I just can’t help it. By tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be over it but I just I’ve still got a mad silly grin and I just can’t wipe it off. I’m like Richard Dawson and September.

He’s wrong about the diss part but I think it’s a classic bit of parody to own the terms “Robert Stacy McCain Bikini Pictures” and “Charles Johnson Bikini pictures” if the google bomb ever comes I’m setup perfectly. Of course if the google bomb ever comes then the world is in a lot more trouble than I thought.

That and $2 will get me kicked out of any reputable diner. I needed a good laugh this week and this has really been cathartic. plus the hits being up 1500% from yesterday doesn’t hurt either.

If you are interested in other things besides stats and Bikini pictures might I suggest my review of two books to come out next month Newt Gingrich’s upcoming novel To Try Men’s Souls or That first season about Lombardi and the Packers, I even can tell you something the president did right, about girls who will fall for anything to be famous, the crazy 1% theory of mass protest, why 9/11 means victory for the US in an important respect, Why friends of abortion (unlike me) are worrying for nothing and btw did you miss Israel? Arab Rockets didn’t.

Update 4: It’s a RushLance! That explains a lot. I’m now 8th in growing blogs on WordPress today.