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This morning I swung down to Decatur where Kathy Mitchel of the Champion Free Press kindly gave me some of her time today.

One of the things I’ve continually found fascinating is the way county government interacts with towns and cities here, far different than Massachusetts. Kathy explained to me that about a century ago a law was passed that required that county seats needed to be no more than a day’s mule ride away from any citizen. (Forcing

The Champion one of two free papers in the area

government to be close to the people) The result has been a fiercely independent group of local governments that retain a fair amount of power.

It also means that people involved in county government tend to have real world experience in doing things and in interacting with people…Which Brings us to Hank Johnson.

The congressman was involved in country government on the local level for a long time, where he was known for a slow deliberate style. This served him very well against Cynthia McKinney, both has almost identical positions but Johnson’s style was considered a welcome change.

We talked briefly about the Guam issue. As a person who has known him for years she said this is fitting in with his sense of humor and style, the real issue however is not that particular situation, it is the health issue.

Johnson style is slow and deliberate to begin with (she told me of one county meeting with him that seemed to last forever (shades of the culvert). With the sickness slowing him down even further that is a big opening that Vernon Jones perhaps exploit.

She describes Jones and competent and a man who certainly got things done, but who’s shall we say personality might be too dynamic for the district. To say Mr. Jones has a reputation would be a bit of an understatement. As for Connie Stokes she seems to get lost in the shuffle whenever I talk about the race with anyone. I have yet to have anyone volunteer much about her which bodes poorly for her in the race.

In the End she thinks that Johnson will pull it off but was believed it would be close and would not be all that

Kathy Mitchell of the Champion Free Press

surprised if he ended up in a runoff or if Jones managed to win. Here she differed from Jennifer of the Crossroads News. Where she didn’t vary from was her belief that no republican would be elected nor did she consider the tea party a potent force in this election.

We also talked about the south, how jobs and quality of life had attracted people. She also commented on how the end of segregation half a century ago helped attract national business that had avoided the south in the past.

It was such a pleasant visit that I had to rush to my event in Doraville (more on that later). I was very lucky to have the benefit of her experience and now you do too.

Update: $50 was diverted from the Pa-12 by the consent of the payee $830 left!

Since I haven’t gotten any takers yet for the Have Fedora will Travel stuff I’m figuring that if you readers might be interested in some original reporting I am proposing a trip to the Georgia 4th district to expand on the interview I did with Liz Carter. (more…)

I wanted to get a comment from Liz Carter running in the Georgia 4th district against Hank “I’m not a geologist but I play one in the congress” Johnson. Her Chief of staff Cheryl Prater remembered me from CPAC (proving the Cannoli rule correct) and did me one better. Rather than a simple comment she graciously consented to give me an interview over the phone. It was VERY informative.

Before anything else it must be understood that this district GA-4 is rated Safe democratic according to GQ politics map. This is a majority-minority district that elected Cynthia McKinney so any Republican was going to have a tough time of it.

That was my first question: How could she win in such a district? She answered that the Healthcare bill had changed everything. Voters in the area were disgusted with the bill and how it was passed. I then asked her specifically about the comments of Doug Shulman, her thought in one word:


She reminded me of the promises that the changes wouldn’t hurt the middle class and pointed to the congressional leadership saying that feeling in her district was running 60-40 against the bill. Take another look at that GQ map and run that through your head.

The Clincher was the local NAACP event she attended in Rockville. She was greeted warmly by really great people. Their focus was all about solutions. The feeling is that congress went too far and were more interested in Power than in Service. Her own solutions and suggestions are on her site here. In our interview she stressed the idea of “Health Courts”, from her site:

Malpractice cases today are often won by emotion and who has the best attorney. By creating health courts, we remove emotion and allow opinions to be decided by those who understand the practice of medicine.

Even more incredible was their reaction concerning the Media. The were fed up with it, they concluded that they were not getting the true picture from the MSM. As they put it: “Truth Matters!”

If you are getting the NAACP deciding that the Mainstream media can’t be trusted then the seminal change I was discussing is upon us. The same issues, regardless of race, face all.

I asked about the Tea Party movement, it is active in the area and as CNN has discovered is not not the monochrome racists that the Democratic Leadership would have you believe. She said the democrats: “fundamentally think that people will forget”. She disagrees, the People aren’t stupid, and if the administration is foolish enough to push “immigration reform” (read Amnesty) it will be the final straw. The people are already ready to revolt, this will send them over the edge.

The one wild card is the democratic primary. There is a real chance that Mr. Johnson might not survive it. Vernon Jones in particular seems capable of knocking him off, but Liz declares she is ready for Johnson, Jones or anyone the Democrats have to offer.

In the short time I had she really impressed me. Take a peek at her blog and you will be impressed too. I’ve very happy for the people of GA-4 they have such an excellent choice to represent them.