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Sarah Palin continues to prove herself a master of political Jiu-Jitsu.

Palin’s statement causes Gore to respond. Since Gore is responding the networks cover it and are forced to cover the climategate issue, even to discount it, but Palin also throws back:

Former Vice President Gore also claimed today that the scientific community has worked on this issue for 20 years, and therefore it is settled science. Well, the Climategate scandal involves the leading experts in this field, and if Climategate is proof of the larger method used over the past 20 years, then Vice President Gore seriously needs to consider that their findings are flawed, falsified, or inconclusive.

Vice President Gore, the Climategate scandal exists. You might even say that it’s sort of like gravity: you simply can’t deny it.

and the networks (like Morning Joe this morning) cover that too.

The end result of all of this will be people’s exposure to the evidence, this can’t but hurt the Climate change cult as thread after thread that defends the “decline hiders” turns into rebuttal from normally reliable readers.

Most importantly while the usual suspects cry foul, fair people on the other side are asking probing questions about the data.

The worm is turning and their fear is palatable. When Palin can go toe to toe with as seasoned a pol as a former congressman, Senator and 2 term Vice president from a political family and come out not only ahead but standing the left has to be shaking.

Exit Question: Is it a coincidence that one person in this debate is making public appearances all over the country, while the other ducks public forums?

….and his review in the New York Times shows it. And in four sentences he boils down the essence of both Sarah Palin and the book.

For many politicians, family life is sandwiched in between long hours in public service. Palin wants us to know that for her it is the reverse. Political success is an accident that says nothing about you. Success as a wife, mother and citizen says everything.

That is the bottom line, oh and notice the amusing condensation he deals with in simply obtaining the book and the talking down he gets from the shocked readers of the times totally unaccustomed to even a review of a conservative book let alone a positive one..

My own review is here and my post here.

Via Glenn.

…to this I cite a comment left on my review:

Even your title indicates lack of understanding: “Normal.” What’s normal? Labeling the motives and stimuli of “liberals” and the “elite,” something you’re incapable of understanding? Rationalizing Sarah’s kids’ behavior, when you’d have slammed Obama if his kids approached the Palin kids’ behavior?

Commenting on PETA, as if that has anything to do with the book or Palin?

I’m not even convinced you read the screed. You could easily have written what you did whether you’d read it or not.

As to the screed’s sales, I’ve already commented here where those numbers are coming from. If you’re literate, look it up.

Apparently I haven’t read the book now, and “I’m rationalizing her kids behavior”. What is really amazing is this comes from a top 500 reviewer who apparently has earned respect at Amazon.

I had a funny thought and started to check the other 4 star reviews, he seems to be commenting on quite a few of them. I wonder why the need to go after people?

As I replied in the comments there, if it makes him happy then go for it, but it sounds like a case of Sullivan’s Syndrome to me. This goes to show it affects ordinary people (Look at his reviews, he seems at least as ordinary as I am) as well as pundits.

It brings to mind the School Superintendent in NH that was leading a group of about of a dozen vulgar screaming students outside the school where I saw her during the campaign. Long on angst and judgment but short on answers screaming at Palin, the bus and the thousands of average people in line waiting to see her.

For their own sake they’d better get over it, she could credibly run in any election from now till 2032 so this is going to be years and no politics is worth decades of worry and misery.

My review of Sarah Palin’s Autobiography Going Rogue An American Life is available at here.

I gave the book 4 stars and I’ll let you read the review to find out why but even more interesting than the review are the tags people who just HATE Palin have put on the reviews:

This includes “Keeping America Stupid”, “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, “Quitter”, “liar”, “blithering idiot”, “idiot”, “delusional”, “hypocrite”, “dumb and dumber”, “I can see her career dying from my house”, “ghostwritten”, “sea of pee”, and those are the more normal ones. They also include “goat sex”, “forest gump with a uterus”, “dumb as rocks”, “mein kampf,”, “satan”, “looser” (spelled that way), “phychopathic excrement”, “madame moose-alini” (ok that one at least is clever), and of course the hits on her son: “retarded” and “voice for retards”. There are 24 pages of other tags half or more in a similar vein. It is a triumph for “tolerant” liberalism.

The 162 one star reviews are pretty amazing, I would bet real money that under 10% of those have actually read the book, I would also wager that 30% or more are paid to make said reviews.

The absolute irrational fear and loathing and panic that this woman produces in people is incredible and I’ve seen it first hand. It is palatable and is amazing and in my opinion for hire. I would guess there are people who are actually being paid to do this.

We can expect another 20 years of this as Soros and company with some help from inside the beltway republicans do their best to destroy her. They do this not because they don’t understand who she is and what she represents, but because they DO.

As for the book itself, one thing worth mentioning is how much she likes John McCain. She really thinks highly of him and his approach, some conservatives might take exception to this but she likes people who believe what they believe and stand up for it and right or wrong that is McCain all over.

One other thing you will note is her practical way of looking at things, you see it over and over in the book, she is also not shy about admitting mistakes.

If you are reading this blog you almost certainly have already picked up the book. I would make a request, please check out my review and if you like it then say so as the Anti-Palinites will be hitting the reviews as hard as possible.

One thing is for sure, it is named correctly, it’s the quintessential American life.