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via Sissy Willis:

There’s a whole army of patriotic Davids out there across this great country ready to stand up and to speak out in defense of liberty, and these Davids aren’t afraid to tell Goliath “don’t tread on me.”

That’s just one line (Sissy has more here) but consider.

That is the second time in under a month in a major presentation that she quoted Glenn Reynolds (the other was the blood libel line from his WSJ piece).

Can we assume that Sarah Palin reads Glenn Reynolds? (Some enterprising radio host should have him on his show.)

Glenn Reynolds draws between 250,000 and 500,000 hits a day and gets 30-60 posts up per day EVERY DAY. If Sarah Palin is quoting him them perhaps a wise reporter would get to know him, or a smart producer would have him on the air.

Then again I don’t expect much from the MSM, supposedly the NYT was there and couldn’t even get her meeting people after the speech right

Prospective candidates, particularly if they are courting supporters, routinely sit through dinners and mingle with guests. But in her case, Ms. Palin entered the room only for her speech and left immediately after.

Actually Palin stayed and took photos with attendees as was announced at the start of the speech. If they can’t get that detail right when they were supposedly there why would I expect them to follow-up on this kind of story.

You know there is a reason why Instapundit took down the “NYT of bloggers” comment from his site. The times should work for the day when they can be called the “instapundit of newspapers”.

Update: Conservatives for Palin notices

…with part of his conclusion here:

One expects such chiseling dishonesty from Sullivan, and such impishness from McCain (and, of course, both are trolling for links), but apparently Sullivan’s readers are harder to fool than you might think.

Although McCain is indeed trolling for links successfully I might add (who has apologized stating he had no intention of misrepresenting Glenn’s position) I think we must conclude that Sullivan’s readers are in fact easy to fool as evidenced that they are still reading Sullivan.

Of course Glenn was speaking comparatively to expectations so that is grading on a curve.

He is also slightly off on his Malkin Award statement, it is not because Michelle Malkin is a republican (Joe Scarborough is a republican) but she is a Conservative Republican of Color who appears on Fox news and is effective.

The only higher crime in the eyes of a Sullivan or a Johnson is having a last name rhyming with “mailin”.

…hasn’t proved all that successful suggesting (so far) that I’m not worth even 1% of the old Andrew Sullivan. (feel free to prove that wrong by hitting DaTipJar.)

Only you can set the relative value

However from this post at Glenn’s it seems clear that Andrew Sullivan isn’t worth half as much as the old Andrew Sullivan either.

By “soon realizes,” Andrew means I linked to Baker in the same post — not even in an update. But Baker doesn’t actually say there’s no US kill switch. Baker thinks a US kill switch is a good idea, in response to threats from other countries.

My favorite part (and likely Peg, and Stacy’s, and Pam Geller’s…) is this finish:

As for the large numbers of readers who always email that I shouldn’t respond to Andrew’s trolling, well, I usually don’t. But every once in a while it’s worth noting just how sadly he’s declined. And, as is done with regard to a certain other attention-seeking blogger he’s coming to resemble

He must be talking about a certain little green blogger that Glenn hasn’t instalanched in a very long time. Perhaps this comment I wrote about Johnson applies to Sullivan too:

Also consider that an instalanche means other blogs will pick up your posts in reference. Imaginable the cumulative effect of this happening every two weeks for 8 years. It is mind boggling!…

…and then it suddenly stops!

On a more serious note, I think Sullivan has decided that he has grown a bit more MSNBCish and is writing to his Chris Matthews show niche market audience. In terms of a job, it makes sense and will keep his bills paid. As a person who is beginning to struggle to pay his, may I never reach that point.