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But I’ve met Pam Geller, one of the most fearless foes of Jihad there is. I’ve met the people she has associated with and I’ve seen what they have gone through to protest us.

Beck has the right to his opinion but Pam knows the facts and I trust her.

However Stacy bottom lines it best:

If the protesters against Wilders are “anti-fascist,” then what does that make Wilders? He’s a “fascist” in the same sense that Mark Steyn is a fascist — which is to say, someone the Left hates.

Yup that’s about it.

If Fox is suppressing the video that mean they know they just walked into a minefield. Will any other cable network take advantage?

…in keeping with my assertion that it was the average person was the most important people at CPAC instead of sitting still I wandered the hotel taking shots of the people watching the speech outside of the main hall.

If you want a stationary perspective, Barbara provides one here.

Doesn’t Glenn Beck have an aunt with an unmarried son or daughter who is always saying they are available trying to find them a spouse?

Anybody from any Italian family would have seen the remark for what it was. Beck should know better and so should the idiots who are pretending that Senator Brown is “pimping out his daughters“. If they’re not ashamed of themselves they should be.

Yeah it might have been embarrassing but every person reading this has been embarrassed by their parent at one time or another. This is called real life.

Speaking of marriage I’ve heard Eric Erickson’s point concerning John Edwards made before, I dismiss it. He signed the contract, it’s up to him to honor it or use the escape clause that the law provides.

Update 2: Cindy’s comment deserved a post of it’s own.

Update 3: Robert Stacy Links me all over. The fact that some people are making what they are of this say a whole lot more about them then it does about Scott Brown. (yup another cut and paste job)

Mike Allen in Politico is saying this is foolish and a suicide mission but Joe is defending Hoffman and is pushing Hoffman over Dede. They even mentioned ACORN!

Allen is talking up Gingrich and Joe is slapping him down pointing out that the NRCC and Newt went after conservatives in 14. I didn’t know this. This is HUGE.

Of course they were able to lump Palin in with Thompson and Pawlenty so she would not have been the one in front.

When Pat is on I expect to hear more.

The worm has turned!

Hoffman has broken through the MSM this is big. The question is: Was I wrong about the MSN or did the Beck story and the Thompson ad force their hand, OR is the Beck 3rd party thing pushing it to show the 3rd party stuff.

Vote Hoffman

BTW all my Hoffman stuff is here

Update: Newsbusters enjoys Politico’s discomfort.