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Hey if you are on the left and you think that Gitmo is unjust don’t worry about the news about about keeping it open

The just-passed National Defense Authorization Act includes language that forbids using Department of Defense money to transfer Guantanamo detainees stateside, even for a trial. National security staff have been trying to figure out whether to try accused terrorists–most notably Khalid Sheikh Mohammed–in civilian court or a military tribunal, but the defense bill makes tribunals the only option.

* Plus, Obama Will Issue an Executive Order Calling for Indefinite Detention

Hey folks on the left don’t worry you KNOW that this eyewitness testimony is sure to win people over:

The strangest things kept happening to Walid Muhammad Hajj during his years as a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay. “Once, when I was sleeping – on the floor, not on a bed – I suddenly felt that a cat was trying to penetrate me”, he told al-Jazeera in a recent interview. “It tried to penetrate me again and again.”

Then there was that “incident with a guy who sat next to me in the morning. When they brought the milk, he began to urinate into the milk.” “That’s when we knew that he was under a spell,” Mr Hajj recalled. “After he had recovered a little, after we read Koranic verses to him, he said to me: ‘The birds on the barbed wire would talk to me, and tell me to urinate in the milk.’”

Jewish staff in Guantanamo Bay, Mr Hajj concluded, practiced witchcraft on the inmates.

You can’t get more credible than that can you? I guess Gitmo is radicalizing people isn’t it?

Hey with all that Witchcraft being practiced by the Jews at Gitmo no wonder Seattle was going to put anti-Jewish stuff on their buses, that is until my show 4 guest Pam Geller decided to buy counter ads and then guess what:

two days after my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, announced that we would be running king-sized pro-Israel ads on Seattle buses to counter their hate ads, King County Metro Transit folded: Transit officials issued a statement Thursday saying that they would be refusing the anti-Israel, antisemitic ads. They were “changing their policy.”

I always thought the best answer to speech is more speech but apparently Seattle thinks otherwise, but Pam being Pam isn’t going to stop there:

The Jew-hating, anti-Israel ad didn’t “pose an unacceptable risk of harm, disruption and interference with the transportation system and other breaches of the public safety, peace and order” until we responded with fierce truth. And then they said, never mind. But they won’t get off so easy. This is actionable. Legally actionable.

We will pursue this battle legally and roll out the pro-Israel bus ads elsewhere. My life-saving bus ads for Muslim apostates were banned in Detroit. We had to sue to get them up in Miami. We had to sue New York transit to get Ground Zero bus ads up.

Speech is free as long as you demonize Jews or Christians.

But we will not stand for it. And you shouldn’t, either.

Hey, whose side are you going to take, some Jewish Woman from New York or that sage of Islamic rationalism Walid Muhammad Hajj?

147 years ago today

Posted: July 1, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Stacy McCain’s great grandfather became a prisoner of war of the United states of America.

He was not given Hatal foods, or elliptical trainers and didn’t have the money of Bin Laden nor a large left wing infrastructure interested in his rights.

Somehow when released he didn’t spend the rest of his life trying to kill northerners or teach his children. Yet because of his fight (for a cause I think stunk) many of our friends on the left hold him and his decedents is a lower regard then people who are currently trying to kill us.

There is a lesson there for our friends on the left.

…Joe Scarborough gives the best summery of the costs changing the intelligence tactics out there. He directly explains the cost of not holding and interrogating suspect and the moves to prosecute those who apprehend them is that we will not get the information needed to protect us from attack. He declares that it is a trade off that will cost American lives. He doesn’t judge it, but says we as a society need to understand this as we make that decision.

The video is not yet available but it should be watched by everyone and anyone who offers an opinion on Gitmo et/al.

That’s why this show is just drives you nuts sometimes.

He wrote the op-ed demolishing the fallacious John Adams analogy that the left has been using concerning Gitmo etc when I just thinking about writing about it:

For starters, Adams was a British subject at the time he took up their representation. The Declaration of Independence had not yet been signed, and there was no United States of America. The British soldiers were Adams’ fellow countrymen — not foreign enemies of the state at war with his country.

as for the 6th amendment argument

the Sixth Amendment “guarantees the accused — that means somebody who has been indicted or otherwise charged with a crime — a right to counsel. But that right only exists if you are accused, which means you are someone the government has brought into the civilian criminal justice system (emphasis mine) and lodged charges against.”

Or to put it another way, during the war when not in formal negotiation with England John Adams actions when in the presence of officers of the crown consisted of shooting his musket at them and convincing others to do the same. It doesn’t surprise me that the left twists Adams to their own ends, then again I suspect John Adams would not recognize the contortions that the Massachusetts supreme court has put the Constitution he wrote for our state through either.

Let hope Lawrence O’Donnell was not near any sharp objects when he read Marc’s piece.