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but it was with family and he’s wearing the GQ fedora with the business card!

The Newest member of the Axis of Fedora!

The Axis of Fedora never sleeps!

But would you believe I forgot to tell him that the Border Grille & Bar has 100 different types of Tequila! If he came to the tea party event there on Monday night he’d know.

They added a 2nd show so if we wanted to be part of the meet and greet we basically had to hang around Boston for 3 hours so we could do our stuff.

Unfortunately because basically the idea was to try to move the line quickly since you had two shows worth of people to go through Gabriel didn’t get the chance to visit as he usually does.

However he DID wear my fedora for the picture! Thus does the axis of Fedora grow!

He is a very nice guy and the comics with him were pretty good.

Update: The Fedora photo is up.

While I laugh at the comedy of Gabriel Iglesias on his Fluffy shop tour (a nice Christmas present) other people on the blogroll are hard at work:

No Sheeples here talks about the reconciliation that wasn’t and the Democrats in the senate taking advantage of it:

Democrats Evan Bayh of Indiana, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Nelson of Nebraska strayed frequently from their party during Wednesday night’s voting. Bayh, who is retiring, crossed the aisle to vote with Republicans 10 times. Lincoln, who faces a tough re-election race, supported Republicans eight times. Democratic Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia also bucked his party three times.

Nelson, who has come under fire from his conservative base in Nebraska for his support of the healthcare reform effort, supported the GOP the most—on 20 out of 29 votes as of the 2:55AM adjournment.

Be aware that democrats like Lincoln will use each of these votes to try to paint themselves as more conservative than they are.

Don Surber notes that Stupak isn’t the only “pro life democrat” who is now persona non grata in prolife circles:

Having voted for federal funding of abortion, Democratic Congressmen Allan Mollohan and Nick Joe Rahall lost the support of West Virginians for Life — just as Mollohan and Rahall face their first serious challenges in 20 years each.

Everything costs something, will it cost any of these people their seats?

Camp of the Saints discovers a new Battle Cry via the great Val Prieto guest blogging at Michelle Malkin’s place

Dad’s a Cuban exile, so he knows a little something about the Nationalization of businesses and government intrusion.

There’s a brief moment of silence between us, then the old man sighs again, puts his big welder’s hand on my arm and squeezes just a bit. “Listen to what I’m about to tell you,” he says. “Prevent or lament.”

Have you ever noticed that people who escape totalitarian systems always seem to turn up on the right?

Wanda Sykes gives comment on the NBC menu business.

One of the most significant reasons for the decline that the White House and the MSM has suffered is they have made themselves open to ridicule and comedians such as John Stewart have driven through that opening.

When you have Morning Joe’s Mika laughing at that joke you have real problems.

Did the NBC commissary hire Gabriel Iglesias last week or something? If you don’t get the reference watch the video “Racist Gift Basket Prank”: Warning F-Bombs likely not work safe…but VERY funny.

Update: Michelle is right, if it was Fox there would be no other story in the world today.