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The main stream media continues to walk into the perfect storm.

First they miss the Van Jones stuff:

THEN they stall and miss the Acorn story.

And now we see the G20 protests.

After two weeks of the media and their new found friends attacking the 9/12 protesters as dangerous racists, ACTUAL dangerous protesters of the left attack police and close business in a US city.

Any of these things individually might not have made a difference but their combined effect over consecutive weeks have driven people to the coverage to see what is going on.

May Catherine Ham is all over this:

Via Caleb Howe, here’s how the HuffPo (as a symbol for left-leaning media and pundits, alike) treated the Tea Party protesters, who perpetrated barely three acts of documented violence in August and zero documented acts of violence, property damage, or arrests on 9/12, despite a gathering of hundreds of thousands of protesters in the capital.

Wherefore the wringing of hands and overwrought newscasts about the future of our very nation? Guess it’ll take more than a measly 66 arrests, some damaged businesses, barrels and rocks thrown at law enforcement, setting fire to posters, and parading around like anarchists before the media starts worrying. If only there had been someone there with a rude sign about Obama…

But the media is on it:

Pittsburgh heaved a sigh of relief Friday as thousands of people streamed through the streets of the city in a peaceful protest march against the leaders of the world’s top economies.

Waving banners and chanting slogans, the crowd stretched out of sight as people made their way down the city streets lined by black-clad riot police, still tense after the previous night’s violent anti-G20 protests.

The G20 represents the leaders of the world’s most powerful economies and the group’s summits attract a motley crowd of anti-globalisation activists and anarchists opposed to what they see as its inhumane free market policies.

According to security forces there were up to 4,500 marchers, but Peter Shell, president of the Thomas Merton Center which helped organize the march, estimated the number at twice that.

“When I was looking back at the bottom of Oakland, the crowd went back eight to 10 blocks, and you can get 1,000 people in every block,” Shell told AFP.

“It was the biggest protest march in Pittsburgh since the 1970s protests against Vietnam.”

As the marchers massed at the top of Fifth Avenue, a riot policeman rapped his baton hard against his shinguards, making a hollow thud with every tap.

“They’re itching for a fight,” said a bystander. “This is really an excessive show of police force. Pittsburgh is a welcoming place.”

How stupid do they think we are?