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In my comment exchange at Wonkette the latest comment that went up was this from glamourdammerung :

Want to see someone make a parody of themselves?

Apparently the left’s degree of hate is so large and their sense of honor so non-existent that the death of a 8-year-old girl and a federal judge is just another club to hit republicans in general and Sarah Palin in particular.…

When you are gushing about being pals with folks like noted white supremacist Robert Stacy McCain, one would think you would have better sense than making such remarks like the one I quoted.

Forgetting the fact for a moment that the left DID use the shootings in Arizona as a political football and their denial of it proves my point, when you insult a friend of mine, that’s a line.

Robert Stacy McCain has stayed in my house, I’ve stayed in his. I know him well, I know his family, I’ve driven with him, covered stories with him, attended conventions with him and learned how an actual reporter covers facts with him. He is no white supremacist. If you have half the tolerance that he does you would be a better person.

Stacy is my friend, I’m proud to have him as my friend and he’s proven his friendship more times in a year than I can count. He’s a bit of a wild child and I’ve never seen a person go through coffee and cigarettes like him in my life and he’s been known to raise the wrist a bit more than I do, (of course that’s not hard to do). There are very few people outside of my family that I’d rather have at my side in a time of trouble.

He’s a big boy and doesn’t need defense from me, but any success I’ve had in this field can be traced directly to his door. Succeed or fail, It’s a debt I can’t repay. I have no patience for people who attack my personal friends.

So let me say it one more time Glamourdammerung: Stacy McCain is worth 20 of you (except in the eyes of God).