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Q: What is the one thing you can be sure about when reading this headline: “University to student: Accept homosexuality or leave“?

The story follows:

The suit alleges the university retaliated against Keeton for stating her belief that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and not a “state of being,” and that gender is not a social construct subject to individual change. According to the suit, the school wants her to undergo a “thought reform” program intended to change her religious beliefs. She faces expulsion unless she complies, and the suit seeks to block the university from throwing her out for noncompliance.

“Is saying there is such a thing as a male and a female as distinct, and that gender isn’t merely a social construct … such a dangerous position that it has to be banned from a profession?” French asked.

According to court documents, one of Keeton’s professors, Dr. Mary Jane Anderson-Wiley, told her this past May she would have to undergo a remediation program intended to change her views on homosexuality.

The university’s Counseling Education Program handbook proscribes such programs for those whose conduct is “not satisfactory on interpersonal or professional criteria unrelated to academic performance.”

Can anyone honestly describe this as anything less than totalitarian? Would such a program directed at a gay student forcing them to accept say Baptist teaching on Homosexuality be allowed at a state university?

I think not.

Here is the kicker:

Anderson-Wiley reportedly complained about Keeting’s Christian belief that homosexuality is sinful and demanded she choose between her faith and the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics.

“You couldn’t be a teacher, let alone a counselor, with those views,” court documents quoted Dr. Paulette Schenck, another of the university’s counseling professors, as having said in response to Keeting’s affirmation of her Christian beliefs.

No Christians need apply apparently. No wonder universities seem to have such a love of Chavez, Castro et/al they have the same thought police ambitions on a smaller scale.

Would the above mentioned Dr. Schenck dare say this to an Islamic student who believed in Sharia? Of course not, totalitarians are notorious cowards.

In my post about the fatwa on Molly Norris I mentioned that wordpress put up a post asking people to support the 1st amendment through a group called 1forall and my challenge to them to support Molly. In true first amendment fashion that comment has apparently not been approved. So in keeping with the actual spirit of the 1st amendment I am reprinting it here:

Well a good way [to support the 1st amendment] would be to support Molly Norris. Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki has declared a FATWA against her and called for her death for the “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” event. I have in this post

declared my support for Ms. Norris and requested that he include me in said FATWA because I vow to have a new such day if they succeed in killing her. She is a fellow American, worthy of our support.

You might not like the schools in Texas or the Oil companies etc or the patriot act George Bush but you risk nothing by opposing them. That’s not defending the 1st Amendment it’s cheap and false courage to give yourself a pat on the back.

If you believe in the first Amendment, you declare that it is very important for people to stand up for it. Well here is a real way to do it to put actual skin in the game.

The question is do you have the actual courage of your declared convictions or is the threat of radical Islam a bridge too far for the defense of freedom of speech?

Lets find out.

I guess we did didn’t we?

…in response to this nonsense:

A charismatic terror leader linked to the botched Times Square car bomb has placed the Seattle cartoonist who launched “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” on an execution hitlist.

The Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki – the radical who’s also been cited as inspiring the Fort Hood, Tex., massacre and the plot by two New Jersey men to kill U.S. soldiers – singled out artist Molly Norris as a “prime target,” saying her “proper abode is Hellfire.”

I formally declare you a barbarian preaching a barbaric version of a false religion. Only the fact of your humanity and creation in God image combined with the Christian requirement to love your enemy prevents me from wishing you damned.

Although I wasn’t a fan of Everybody draw Mohammad Day; as an American

I can't draw but I defy you barbarian bastards! (used with permission)

who believes in the first amendment I am ethically compelled to stand with Molly Norris. If you come for one of us you are coming for all of us, and we will defend ourselves against both you and your minions.

Therefore in that spirit I formally request to be included in your Fatwa, because if you get Molly Norris I will host my own Everybody Draw Mohammad and Al-Awlaki Day here and ask my readers to send drawings of Mohammad and of you to be posted and laughed at as you deserve.

I also formally call upon other bloggers to pledge to host an Everybody draw Muhammad and Al-Awlaki day if these barbarian bastards manage to get her and suggest that you put up a post with the tag I stand with Molly Norris as soon as possible to show your support for both her and the first Amendment. I particularly call on our friends on the left who claim to value free speech so greatly to prove it.

I further call upon every US Mosque to publicly denounce this Fatwa and call for its removal.

We are Americans, we stand together Mr. Al-Awlaki. We defy you and your utmost malice.

More at Memeorandum. If we don’t fight back loudly we will not only suffer the same fate as England but we will deserve it.

Hotair headlines sees it

Update 2: Treacher nails it:

She also told a Seattle new station, ”I regret that I made my cartoon the way I made it.”

The thing is, people like Anwar al-Awlaki don’t accept apologies. If you don’t believe what they believe, they don’t care about your regrets. They don’t want you to talk at all. Even if you live in Seattle and you live liberally and you draw cutesy little cartoons and you congratulate yourself for being “progressive.” Even if you’re just kidding. These thugs don’t care. They want you dead.

Hey, look over there! A Tea Party! I’m scared!

That says it all doesn’t it?

Update 3: WordPress has announced support for something called the 1forall campaign in favor of the 1st amendment. Strangely enough although some commentators mentioned Bush and the patriot act and the oil spill nobody had mentioned Molly. I’ve put a challenge in comments to join me in Supporting Molly Norris and opposing Al-Awlaki. I’ll let you know what they say.

Update 4: Edward Cline at Big Hollywood

But — Molly Norris was criticized. Islam answered. Muslims demonstrated. Shut up. Molly Norris recanted. She didn’t mean to offend Muslims. She was only expressing her right to freedom of speech. But — Molly Norris was criticized. Islam answered. Muslims demonstrated. Shut up.

Too late. Contrition doesn’t carry much weight in Islam. No one has a right to offend Islam, or blaspheme against it. Whether Mohammad is depicted as a pedophilic ogre, as a knock-off of Charlton Heston’s Moses, or as a teacup, it matters not. It is forbidden. “Sorry” doesn’t cut it. Facebook also caved to Muslim demands and took down the page.

And as for that challenge about the 1st amendment. HA!

One of the things that I’ve criticized radical Islam for is their inability to take critique without threats.

Miss Attila in her youth was once a member of what appears to be a cult.

I don’t claim to be an expert on these guys, but I have enough common sense to know that if a church is harassing an individual who has left it 25 years ago then this Gospel passage doesn’t apply to them:

And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. Matt 16:18

Forget the gates of hell, A church that can’t abide a single Catholic blogger’s critique is no true church. If they had faith or truth they would not need to sic lawyers on a blogger in a cute hat, as Stacy McCain puts it:

Why did Hymers III have his attorney contact LMA to tell her that she has been reported to the FBI? It’s intimidation, pure and simple. They want her to shut up.

Trying to silence critics — isn’t that what cults do?

Read the entire correspondence for yourself and make up your own mind.

For myself: I won’t claim to be even remotely unbiased here. Joy McCain is my friend and I pray for her and her husband daily. Anyone who is threatens them is a foe of mine and I promise this, any future post on the Robert Leslie Hymers cult from her will generate a link and a post here. Generally groups like this can’t stand the light, so we will hit them with the light of the multiplier of linky love.

They do have one thing going for them, as a foe of mine, I am required to pray for them.