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But here it is

Quick thought, both Luck and Grok retired at 29 and had to deal with a lot of pain.

If he was wise with his money than he and his will be OK, but it’s a reminder of what Sandy Koufax once said. He’d rather retire whole then risk more injury.

Maybe it’s just me but it looks like the Dutch are using the tactics of the New England Patriots vs the Rams in Superbowl XXXVI. Hit them hard on every play and make them feel it

Of course Dutch might not be emulating the Pats as much as the Dutch Sea Beggers who were the terror of the Spanish and won the Dutch their independence.

In an hour or so we will see if they are as effective.

…I’m sorry the idea that someone might have a desire to get Detroit Lions season tickets goes beyond the willing suspension of disbelief.

Detroit Lions 2009 season 2-14-0 .125 246 points for 496 points against.

Other than that so far so good.

One thing about Football…

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…getting hit on a regular basis by muscular 250lb + men may be hazardous to your health:

“They’ll tell you I’m one of the worst ones that comes in there,” said Harrison, now retired and living in Woodbridge, Va., where he also deals with high blood pressure, diabetes and slew of aches from injuries to his back, knees, hip and shoulder. “Sometimes I don’t even remember my name.”

8 concussions will do that to you. He may be a Superbowl Hero and remembered by Steelers fans everywhere but there is a price to be paid and Reggie Harrison is paying it.

Give me Baseball any day. (only a couple of months to go!)