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Question: How bad are things actually for the democratic party and liberals?

When you leave the WW 2 memorial trashed after your rally, that’s bad

When you need Oprah to pay for people to go to your event, that’s worse.

But when you find yourself taking polls about a race that doesn’t exist, against an opponent that isn’t running to make an incumbent democratic senator look strong. That’s just idiotic:

The answer is not so well. Nelson leads Limbaugh 50-36 in that hypothetical match up. Nelson would have his party base pretty well locked up, independents would go for him overwhelmingly by a 58-30 margin, and even 21% of Republicans say they’d prefer Nelson to Limbaugh.

Earth to PPP Nelson isn’t running against Limbaugh and never will be. You make yourselves look like fools when this is what you are writing about 17 days before an election.

…is that you can’t afford to get any particular interest upset or offend any race like so:

Democrats had hoped that when Mr. Crist abandoned the GOP for an independent run, it would split the Republican vote and propel Mr. Meek into the winner’s circle. With four weeks to go, no one believes that now. Mr. Meek, who is African-American, polls strongly only with black voters

Take a close note of that sentence, democrats understand that particularly in an off year election with Barak Obama not on the ballot dumping the Black democratic nominee is going to outrage African Americans not only in Florida but nationwide. Can you imagine the call ins on the Tom Joyner show?

Allahpundit may be nervous but I’m not. I HOPE democrats are stupid enough to do this. It might make the race closer in Florida but it will be the last straw in a series of provocations of democrats taking Black America for granted at election time and discarding them.

Can you imagine the speech Allen West will be able to give in that situation, if he was a race card man?

Allah take my advice, leave the hand wringing to the David Frums of the world go right through them they’re demoralized as hell.

No Ezra; Crist is no enigma

Posted: August 30, 2010 by datechguy in elections
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Young Ezra’s column is more about parties than Crist but the title is a little off.

Crist is no enigma. He is very easy to understand. Just another pol who can’t imagine life as an ex-elected official.

the point of the article is actually not bad, based on party you can guess how someone will vote pretty closely, but on Crist it is even easier.

If elected he will support whoever and whatever keeps him in office and in gravy.

Bank on it.

Memorandum thread here.

…than nobody is going to.

If this questioning was taking place at Gitmo the ACLU and answer would be providing him lawyers.

The only softball came from Jon Meacham of Newsweek.

Only the letter next to his name has changed. They aren’t buying this at all.

Update: You know for days they were building this up as a real possibility and a real game changer but once they had in front of him on it’s as if they just couldn’t keep a straight face. They treated him as if he had no credibility.

But the moment he was off camera again suddenly he is, as Barnicle put it “a man among boys” and a strong candidate. It’s like a switch was suddenly turned back on once he was gone.

I guess the facade just wasn’t possible when he was shoveling it to their faces, but once he was gone the template came back.

Update 2: Did Eugene Robinson et/al just see the same interview that I did? For God’s sake they were there!