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by baldilocks

It’s fun to watch as several of the remaining Democrat candidates for the presidency try to outdo each other in their proposals for disarming the law-abiding.

Kamala Harris creates a problem, then promises to solve it.

Elizabeth Warren’s plans for presidential gun confiscation involve executive orders coupled with nagging the American public to death.

“We will make change, we’ll figure out what works, and then we’ll make some more change and some more change.”

Warren added, “I will take executive action in every corner, with the Department of Justice, with ATF, to move as much as I can.”

And Beta (spelling intentional) tries to top them both:

O’Rourke’s plan lists a number of reforms, including the buyback [sic] program that would remove all banned assault weapons from private ownership — a proposal that goes further than any presented so far by the Democratic field.


“Beto is calling for a mandatory buyback program for assault weapons and a voluntary buyback program for handguns. To create a funding stream for buybacks, Beto will increase the excise tax on gun manufacturers and fines imposed on gun traffickers, and will enable ATF to purchase any banned assault weapons presented to the agency. Individuals who fail to participate in the mandatory buyback of assault weapons will be fined.”

Beta, sweetheart, straight-out threatening to kick down our doors would be more honest and sound less weaselly.

Honestly, its a toss up as to which one of these I’d like to see lose to President Trump in 2020.

And you may think I forgot about the other Democratic Party front-runner, the former vice president, but I have not.

He would certainly lose to President Trump also, but it has been painfully obvious that Joe Biden is declining in cognitive capabilities. I don’t want to see that final melt down happen in public. Even Biden doesn’t deserve that.

But the others aren’t much smarter. A smart candidate who wanted to take all the guns wouldn’t be so open about it.

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If it is not then it says more about the fantasy world of Brent Budowsky than anything about the administration:

Within hours and possibly minutes I expect the president will name Elizabeth Warren to lead the new consumer protection agency, and if he does, the Democratic base will erupt and turn out to vote in far greater numbers than any current poll suggests.

I could be wrong; Obama might give up at the last minute, which would be the last betrayal of the Democratic base and very possibly the death knell of the Democratic House of Representatives. But if he names Warren, the pundits be will amazed, astonished and flabbergasted by the lift this would give to the Democratic base and by the voter turnout that would follow.

After all the one thing the American people are worried about is who is going to lead the consumer protection agency.

Assuming it is not a parody the amount of delusion necessary for such belief is ….interesting.

memeorandum thread here. Why does such nonsense have a thread?

Just one minute nails it:

I think Mr. Budowsky has lost the distinction between “the base”, live voters, and people with whom he Tweets, i-chats, and chirps. I have no doubt the nomination of Elizabeth Warren will prompt lefty bloggers to swoon, for a day anyway. But over in reality, the economy will still be what it is, and Obama will still be talking about something else and preparing his imminent pivot to jobs, jobs, jobs.

Has this guy ever met anyone who lives outside of the beltway?

Update: Professor Bainbridge maybe wrong about Sarah Palin but he nails it here:

This has to be about the dumbest piece of political prognostication I’ve ever read.

Look, I have tremendous respect for Elizabeth Warren. She is a very smart bankruptcy law professor with an enviable publication record and tremendous success as a policy entrepreneur. On the couple of occasions that I’ve met her, moreover, she has been unfailingly courteous and friendly.

But the idea that her appointment would turn around the fundamentals driving the 2010 elections is just absurd

I dearly hope that the left believes this nonsense, not only will it help them lose, it will make it very funny…”it’s not possible that we lost Elizabeth Warren has been on the job for three weeks!