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At least according to Dan Riehl at Riehl world view who recalls an old Sullivan Post per election concerning Barack Obama:

On October 27, 2008, Andrew Sullivan posted: The Top Ten Reasons Conservatives Should Vote For Obama. Given all this playing out today, I thought I’d go back and have a look.

It’s high comedy but let me explain something. It’s my opinion Sullivan’s turn on Bush had everything to do with Bush’s position on Gay Marriage, it was after that point where Sullivan really started changing his tune and it was the (likely correct) belief that Obama was paying lip service to actual marriage during the campaign that made the difference in the other direction.

But as Glenn Reynolds points out the rubes are self identifying, but never fear. As soon a there is an actual Republican challenger to Obama all of our friends on the left who are beating their breasts today will support him, Mendoza line or no.

Update: Stacy Links and comments seem to agree with my Sullivan assessment, Oh and BTW the Mendoza line is a baseball term referring to hitting .200.

A trick for Halloween

Posted: October 7, 2010 by datechguy in oddities

What does this video have in common with the election campaign of President Obama in 2008?


Unimpeachable logic

Posted: August 12, 2010 by datechguy in elections, oddities
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The “official” story as to why Biden was chosen for VP was that Michelle Obama didn’t want Hillery Clinton on the ticket and thanks to John McCain’s implosion (despite Sarah Palin’s best efforts) it turns out she wasn’t needed.

Now the talk is again of putting Clinton on the ticket in 2012 and Glenn Reynolds gives three reasons against. Can anyone explain why #3 would have been any less valid in 2008.

3. If Hillary is going to be one heartbeat away from the Oval Office, would you want that to be your heartbeat?

I got no answer to that one.

…at the reclusive leftist back in 2008 when she posted each part of the film from youtube and wrote the following:

The pattern is the same, from Washington to Texas, from Iowa to Nevada, from Maine to Minnesota: Obama workers arrive early at each caucus place and take control of the premises and the process. Hillary supporters are intimidated, told their names aren’t registered, even physically barred from the site. Busloads of mysterious strangers arrive and cast votes for Obama. Sign-in sheets disappear; voter tallies are falsified. Over and over and over again, the pattern is the same.

How did this happen? Simple. The Obama campaign spent the entire year prior to the election planning the whole thing out. They saw an opportunity to game the system and they took it. At “Camp Obama” training centers, Obama campaign officials schooled volunteers in the fine art of stealing caucuses. And I have to hand it to them: they did a great job. When Obama points to his campaign as evidence of his executive experience, I’m inclined to agree. He’s definitely proven himself to be an executive-level criminal.

Do I sound angry? I am. There’s something about elderly women being bullied and denied the chance to vote — for a woman for President! — that makes me a little hot under the collar. Whenever somebody talks about Obama as the progressive candidate, the democratic candidate, the agent of hope and change, it’s all I can do anymore to keep from puking.

My post was a year ago and referenced Violet’s posts from a year earlier. To give you some perspective the above post was from October 15, 2008, Ted Kennedy was still alive, Scott Brown was an unknown state senator, a Tea Party was what little girls had with friends, Charles Johnson was still sane, and this blog didn’t exist. It’s so long ago that I was gainfully employed working 40 hours a week at a job I loved!

I posted about this back in August 2009 saying explaining why he he can’t allowing anything to happen on the Gladney case:

As Violet actually read the incident reports and I didn’t I don’t know if the SEIU were Senator Obama’s foot soldiers in that campaign, but that would be my bet.

I wonder what would happen if they talked? After all presidents come and go but the Union will still be there.

She has several posts on the subject of the president’s primary tactics going back as far as September of 2008. In fact the declarations of objections is dated July 4th 2008.

The significance? These things were known by the left two years ago. There were some on the left who wanted to get it out, to shout it to the rafters and they were shut down. They understood what was coming and wanted to prevent it. Some like Lynette Long voted for Palin and were excoriated for it, others like Violet here voted for Cynthia McKinney (ugh).

Now Violet here and I violently disagree on Religion, Abortion, George Bush, the War, the Economy etc. By every measurable standard she is very far left, in her eyes by every measurable standard I am very far right but let me tell you something. She is honest and honorable. She saw this happening two years ago and unlike the media or most democrats she (like Hillbuzz) absolutely refused to go along with it because as she put it on August 28th 2008:

Who will be the first African-American to win the nomination of his or her party without cheating?

Because, you know, it’s not Obama.

And if you don’t have time to slog through the 500-page Caucus Analysis website, here’s another link to that 98-page book version. It’s horrifying stuff. As you listen to Opossum’s speech tonight, just think of all those busloads of people from Illinois arriving to pose as Iowa voters in the caucus…and all those thugs in Texas physically barring Hillary supporters from voting…and all those union fixers in Nevada dropping Hillary ballots in the toilets…

If you didn’t understand why the DOJ will not investigate the black panther stuff, you do now.

The Memeorandum thread is here, and a PJ media story as well. Two years too late.

Update: Hillbuzz explains what this meant:

until 2008, we were all lifelong, unquestioning, party loyal Democrats who never in our lives dreamed our party would be responsible for thuggery like this.

The best way we can describe the feeling we have when we think about the DNC is to remember what the human characters on the TV show “V” felt like when they saw the masks ripped off the “Visitors”, revealing them to be lizard people underneath. Even people who had been helping the Visitors, and trying to convince others that they were really here to “serve the human race” in the non-cook book sense were instantly transformed into Resistance fighters when they saw what really lurked behind those masks.

So it is for many lifelong Democrats out there, including such prominent names as Lynn Forester de Rothschild as well, who will never look at the DNC the same way again…not after its mask has been ripped off so spectacularly.

He elaborates further in a later post:

One of our greatest frustrations in life remains the fact that we were never able to get the Media and American public interested in the truth about Obama’s fraud and intimidation during the 2008 primaries, but we see clearly now that America just wasn’t ready to face the truth about Obama yet. They didn’t want to see who he really is, or what he did to get to where he is. They wanted to believe the myth Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann promoted heavily on MSNBC. Anyone who spoke the truth was attacked, maligned, and destroyed…like the contemptible little boy who had the audacity to tell the world the corpulent, over-indulged emperor had no clothes.

Well, it sure feels like Americans are more willing to listen to the naked truth about Obama now.

Now the MSM will ignore this as they did in 2008, but I don’t think the American voter will.

Update 2: Michelle Malkin connects dots: