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I think we should make the deal and pass it:

–“Obviously Obama is so very, very wrong on the economy & spins GOP tax cut goals;so fiscal conservatives: we expect you to fight for us &…

–Thank you, @JimDeMint – DeMint comes out against tax deal, says GOP must do ‘better than this’ –”

Could we get a better deal? Maybe but if the goal is to get it done I’d rather have the deal in the pocket and make adjustments later if possible. If the dems want to walk into the trap I say let them.

There are other reasons I think this, but I’d prefer to discuss them after Jan 3rd.

Take a look at this ad that Moveon has produced by merging youtube videos together:

What do you have here? A group of self identified dupes who actually believed the hype that we conservatives and some liberals saw in 2008. It is like a political Darwin award.

Oh and to the woman who says she doesn’t need the Money let me remind her of the Surber Challenge:

From Glenn Reynolds: “Hey, Fareed: The Treasury accepts donations. Make one, and post the receipt.”

This triggered a thought. Why don’t we skinflint conservatives with our miserly ways and narrow minds write a check to the Treasury and show that even though we oppose higher taxes, we are willing to — as patriotic and loyal Americans — voluntarily bail out our national government?


While liberals talk, conservatives act.

So I wrote a check for a hundred bucks today to United States Treasury and mailed it to:

Gifts to the United States
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Credit Accounting Branch
3700 East-West Highway, Room 622D
Hyattsville, MD 20782

Don Surber’s challenge was only for $10 but he ponied up, have you? Has Moveon?

There is an old saying about how it is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. The people in this video were played in 2008 and at the urging of Move-on now have been played for suckers twice.

It’s pretty sad, but as always in the US we get the government we collectively deserve.

Next time someone argues that tax cuts need to be paid for follow these steps:

Step 1: Ask them to hand you a $20

If they say NO press them, if they point out it is their money ask why they have a right to keep their own money but someone else doesn’t?

If they say YES or just give you the money put it in your pocket and drop the subject.

Step 2: Wait for them to ask you for it back.

If they don’t ask for it back, keep it until they do, if they never ask for it back when you see them next go back to Step 1

If they ask for it back, inform them they you can’t give it back until you can find a way to “pay” for that $20. If they absolutely insist tell them you’ll be happy to negotiate a deal whereby he gives you $5 a week over the next 4 weeks and you will give them back that $20.

If they argue that it’s not the same thing because they are not “rich” point out any one thing that they own that you don’t to illustrate they have more than you and how unfair that is. Watch them become free market capitalists almost instantly!

…How many people in the middle and lower classes write paychecks?

If you want jobs to be created you need to make the cuts for the people who PAY employees.

The problem with democrats is they use the tax code as a punitive measure, not to raise revenue but to “get” people they don’t like. That’s not tax policy that self-righteousness.