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The people of Japan are tough people

Posted: March 12, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Any person who fought against them or is the son of a person who fought against them can tell you that so don’t think for a minute that a nation that could bounce back from the destruction of world war 2 aren’t certainly going to bounce back from this. Anyone predicting otherwise just doesn’t know the Japanese people.

I’m relieved to hear my friend Yushin and his family are safe but there are a lot of people who are going to need a lot of aid. Rather than re-inventing the wheel I suggest Catholic Relief services per the Anchoress or the Red Cross per Stacy. Be aware that many really nasty people are going to shortly be putting up scam sites and sending out scam e-mails to take your money pretending to be helping. Don’t fall for it. Just give to the mainline groups that I mentioned and you will be fine.

I also think Stacy’s other advice concerning the story is first rate:

My advice: Get some sleep. And when you wake up Sunday morning, go to Denny’s and have their Grand Slam breakfast while reading the local newspaper. Then go back home and drink a couple brews while watching a basketball game on TV. At that point, you can then safely log back onto the Internet and try to figure out what actually happened Saturday.

I would suggest the 5th street Diner in Fitchburg instead of Denny’s. For the beer try either the Nashoba Club Restaurant In Ayer, The Border Grille and Bar in Leominster, Linguini’s Italian eatery in Marlborough or Central Plaza Pizza in Townsend but other than that hes’ right.

I’m not even going to try to cover this event. The info is constantly changing and we simply don’t know what is going on in detail nor shall we. I say let the people who know what their doing do it, give what help we can and stay out of the way otherwise. The best help we can give is donation and letting our carries groups that can generate tons of drinking water from salt water go to work.

As for those trying to use this for political gain, or to push agendas. I have no use for them. This quake has as much connection to Global Warming as it does to the end time. Namely none.

Update: The Media superstars don’t take Stacy’s advice and Miss Attila notices that Stacy has an affinity for hits, the shock is just too much for me.

A difference in perspective

Posted: April 5, 2010 by datechguy in oddities
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Living in New England when we get a couple of feet of snow it’s a pain in the neck but no big deal. However if you mention that to someone from the south or the southwest it blows their minds that it doesn’t bother us.

Reading this post by Little Miss Attila, the same thought in reverse comes to mind when it comes to quakes it all comes down to what you are used to.

And this one, today? I was in the kitchen, puttering around and getting Easter dinner together, when I heard a noise and went off to investigate. It sounded like something in the laundry nook or the pantry, and I didn’t relish the notion that rodents had made their way into either space. But I couldn’t see anything wrong in either area, and merely filed it away as one more thing to check into this week: an additional burden. Because there was clearly a problem with the pipes, or in the laundry room, or in the back of the pantry—and I didn’t want to have to pull everything out and find out what it was. So I went grimly out into the living room, where my mother and my husband were discussing “magnitude.”

“An earthquake?” I asked. “Thank God.”

“You must have been walking,” my mother remarked. “That’s why you didn’t feel it.”

“Yeah, I was,” I replied. “But you’ve made me very happy.”

I’m sorry but when I hear earthquake, my first thought is destruction and death, but it sounds to me like I have to start to adjust my perspective.

Glad to hear they are ok anyway.