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…started by our new commissioner as we enter our 23rd year of play.

If you have any interest in face to face tabletop baseball and our league click here to see what is going on.

If you have an interest in joining for our 24th year leave a comment at the site and contact our commissioner . the league dues are $35, we are playing a 60 game season this year (our shortest for a while) running from March 20th to Oct 2nd with 6 weeks off. We play in Fitchburg so if you are willing to travel one day a week for some camaraderie and to see if you could be a great Manager or GM if you only had the chance, let us know.

…I find myself unready to make the last two trades that I should in the Sable Baseball league that I’m playing in.

I made a big trade at the all star break with the team in first, Picking up 5 players: Tori Hunter, Armando Galarraga, Adam Lind, Kevin Millwood and Orlando Cabrera for Jose Reyes who had an incredible card last year but will be a “fringe player” (unusable in our league) next year. (Dynasty Baseball generates cards based on the previous years performance). I also added from wavers veteran Omar Vizquel as extra defense and hit and run ability off the bench.

Since then I’ve gone 9-6 including series wins against three different playoff teams. Ironically I’ve gone 8-5 since Losing my starting first baseman and right fielder to injury (yes your players can get injured and suspended in this game). Hunter is hitting over 300 and has 5 homers in 15 games. Galarraga is 3-0 with one ND and in his first relief appearance for me came into a bases loaded no outs situation and struck out Pat Burrell and Lance Berkman before coaxing a ground out from Nick Markakis to end the inning. The team was so inspired they managed to score 7 (including a Solo Shot to start the inning and a two run triple from David Wright who won the previous game with a walkoff homer in the 12th) in the 6th to win 11-6. The team has not lost any game that Galarraga has appeared in.

Our trading deadline in in two weeks. Galarraga will not have a valuable card next year and Milton Bradley (.436 OBP last year, best on my team) is unlikely to be kept with Jason Bay in Left. Both have very high trade value. I have three teams I will need to pass in order to make the playoffs. Although next year I will not be managing this team (I’m league treasurer and took over when a player moved to Minnesota) the greatest value I can get for these players is right now…

…but looking at my remaining schedule It’s very possible that I can go 10-5 and perhaps even 12-3. I’ll be playing three of the teams I need to pass and I finish against the best team in the league that will have clinched their playoff spot long before then and resting starters to avoid injury or suspension. This team is clicking I KNOW I have a chance…

…but It is still much more likely I’ll go 8-7 or 7-8 but I just can’t bring myself to give up.

My next series is the last one before the trading deadline. If I manage win 2 of 3 I just HAVE to go for it.

Are you a fantasy baseball player? What do you think?

Oh and if you live in Central Massachusetts and are interested in taking over an up and coming team next year, let me know in comments and I’ll have our league commissioner contact you about our spot in our 22 year old tabletop league.

Unfortunately our Dynasty baseball league lost a player and as league Treasurer I will be the “interim” manager for the orphan team.

Although the game is pretty good I’m not really looking to go back to our league full time so a new full-time manager is in order.

If you are in the central Massachusetts area or can be on a weekly basis and are interested in joining a face to face tabletop baseball league that has been active in the area for 21 years then leave a message in comments and we can get the ball rolling.