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My twin reviews of Dick Armey’s and Matt Kibbe’s book Give us Liberty a tea party manifesto are available at here and here.

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Two Clips of Dick Armey:

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One when he was talking to the MSM:

I managed to get a question in myself but I had to convince him that I wasn’t trying to “ambush” him (he doesn’t know me from Adam) and because of that I lost half the answer:

His bottom line GET INVOLVED!

A: He is getting attention from being flat. Flat tax that is:

Okay, enough suspense. Stacy informed me earlier this evening that Doug Hoffman will hold a press conference in the media hub of the region, Syracuse, where he will endorse the flat tax. That may not necessarily seem like a big deal but consider what I wrote earlier. Hoffman makes a good part of his living off of navigating the byzantine tax code for people who are overwhelmed by it. A flat tax will cost him business, since you’ll be able to figure out your taxes each year on the back of a postcard. Doug Hoffman is willing to work against his own financial interest to push something that’s in our best interests. When was the last time a politician did that?

That would certainly explain the Armey endorsement and to some degree the GOP opposition.

But DaTechGuy you say doesn’t the GOP like the flat tax? Are you sure you are just not getting it wrong since it’s 2:45 a.m. and you’re blogging while fixing someone’s PC while waking up on the couch?

Au contrare!

You see tax policy is one of the great powers of congress, by tweaking the tax code one can reward friends, punish foes, and “earn” the dollars of lobbyists from all over. I do my own taxes on paper and on many sections you find yourselves seemingly adding and subtracting numbers for no apparent reason, but the actual apparent reason is because for that .01% of taxpayers (usually a particular company) that particular line or tweak will affect their bottom line.

This is raw power, and if you think the GOP establishment in congress is going to give up that raw power willingly then you must think Romney care is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

The question in my mind is this? Exactly how good can try the club sandwich at the Renaissance Hotel lounge? Which came first the Flat Tax position or the Armey endorsement? and as a corollary: if the Flat tax endorsement came first is THAT the reason why the GOP establishment wants the serpents to strangle this one it the cradle because as a certain reporter wrote today?

Like they said at Chicago in ’68, the whole world is watching. I told Jimmie during our conversation that if Hoffman wins, his campaign here in NY23 will become the template for hundreds of similar grassroots conservative campaigns nationwide at every level next year.

and THAT in a nutshell is why the GOP establishment doesn’t want Hoffman or frankly Palin for that matter. If your primary interest as a feudal lord is getting back on the gravy train with the king you certainly don’t want to have the peasants revolt against that largess.

And if that revolt is successful that will force the GOP to either join the back of the mob al-la the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist, to try to get ahead of said mob pretending to lead the race a-la Rosie Ruiz or to simply accept it and pretend that they agree a la British Catholic ecumenical leaders trying to deal with the Pope’s historic move this week.

Bonus question! Why should you not blog at 2 a.m. in the middle of fixing someone’s virus infected system?

A: Because you end up writing bad puns like the title of this post.

In Texas apparently they know more about horses than in Georgia or NY since Dick Armey knows which horse to back:

Add North Texas’ Dick Armey to the list of conservative stars backing Hoffman. The former House Majority Leader has confirmed to the Hoffman campaign that he’ll spend Thursday with them, said Rob Ryan, a Hoffman spokesman. “He is with us almost all day Thursday,” Ryan told me. “There will be a bunch of different events.” Armey’s endorsement of Hoffman is personal and wasn’t offered on behalf of FreedomWorks, the conservative foundation he chairs.

Now what would I rather have, Dick Armey or Peter King.

Considering Dede’s performance today I’m sure Mr. King is feeling happy with himself as dump Dede elaborates:

Liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava, feeling the heat from the surge in the polls of Conservative Doug Hoffman, held a press conference this morning outside his Watertown headquarters to challenge him to a debate.

combining this with 5 press releases sent out in a single day by her campaign the entertainment values keeps going up.

Hoffman can only stand to gain from this and sharing the stage with him will only showcase just how liberal Scozzafava really is, especially if he holds her feet to the fire on her blatantly liberal record. Pass the popcorn.

Meanwhile in the real world Dick Armey and freedom works is holding an actual event:

FreedomWorks will be joining forces with the Central New York 9/12 Project for an event in Cicero, NY this Wednesday, Oct. 21st at 7:00pm. Our chairman Dick Armey has been invited to speak to grassroots activists there about the race for New York’s 23rd congressional district.

Details are here:

Hmmm Cicero, that reminds me of something I read today somewhere about someone weird.

With Rush also mentioning the race I suspect that the question is fast becoming not if people can bring Hoffman over the top but will republicans be wise enough to get ahead of the curve to support the winner.

And that doesn’t even count the Acorn connection.

Vote Hoffman

Update: Although the Armey of Texas is welcome it appears the real reason for the cards looking better is the infantry:

And what, you may ask, has turned the tide?

The grassroots. A week ago, Hoffman held a conference call during which he practically begged for national traction. According to Stacy, Hoffman had two messages: “We have her on the run” and “We need to raise money to get the message out.” Since then, Hoffman’s star has been steadily rising, the endorsements have come rolling in, the media outlets have been spinning like they’re reporting from a Tilt-A-Whirl, and his Republican opponent Dede Scozzafava has committed gaffe after asinine gaffe. It’s gotten so bad that National Review’s Jim Geraghty has called for the GOP to demand its money back and pull back completely from Scozzafava (via memeorandum). Indeed, the conservative flagship magazine has gone “all Hoffman, all the time”, according to a campaign source.

In Tip O’Neil’s autobiography he mentioned how Bobby Kennedy during Jack’s run in 1960 favored those who supported his brother before West Virginia as those who were there when they needed them. It seems clear that Dede is done done, how can we be sure? Maybe it’s just me but when you are trying to talk up a candidate you generally don’t say stuff like “she’s not the candidate he would have nominated.

Perhaps those who will be looking for the Grassroots support in 2012 might want to get in front while they can still take some credit?