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On Morning Joe today the Politico mentioned the latest polling concerning the Arizona law and reported the “counter-intuitive” results that supporting this law is a big win for pols.

New polling indicates broad public support for the measure and illustrates the peril embattled Democrats could face this November over the issue.

In the South and Midwest, where some of the most competitive congressional races will be fought, popular sentiment is overwhelmingly in favor of the controversial new law

You mean to say the 10,000 is greater than the 300? Who knew!

If all you watch is MSNBC, (and that’s all I watch from 6-9) then you would think that although the federal government has dropped the ball to some degree, this law is the is the greatest border outrage since German Troops crossed into the Rhineland.

Apparently the American Public disagrees and a choice has to be made:

It represents yet another issue on which they’ll be forced to decide between their liberal base and national leadership, who are outraged over what they view as a draconian law, and equally angry constituents who want to crack down on illegal immigrants.

The media was left out of the democratic base here but that’s ok. The result will be the same.

10,000 or 300 make your pick.

Question: How tone deaf are the democrats on their new immigration bill?

Imagine my surprise when after writing this post in the morning to see John Cole who I’ve hit in the past saying this:

Apparently they think the outcry over the Arizona “SHOW YOUR PAPERS” bill is that it will only be applied to Hispanics. Polls pretty clearly demonstrate that half the country has no problem with the Arizona bill because it will not affect them- it only is an inconvenience for “others” (meaning brown people). But start talking about a national id with biometric data that everyone has to be issued, and you will think the death panels and health care reform debate were a walk in the park.

Old template: Mean and nasty republicans in Arizona are like Nazi’s saying show me your papers!

New Template: Democrats propose law to include National identity card:

The Democratic proposal includes increased money for border patrol and drug war agents, equipment, helicopters and unmanned drones. It would create a national ID — which is dubbed a “biometric social security card.” Though Democrats insist that it is not an ID card and can only be used for employment purposes.

Soooo old federal law (yes federal law) aliens have to have their id stuff on them at all times. New Democratic law. EVERYBODY gets to have a federal ID card with them. Apparently our democratic friends want us ALL to show our papers.

I’m sure this is a debate that democrats in congress are dying to have. Why don’t you call your senator and rep and find out what they think about it?