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The question that has garnered so much attention was not the only one asked. Here are a series of questions that were asked and the candidate’s answers:

On the lame duck session:

On Term Limits:

On Illegal Immigration:


Here is a slideshow of the debate accompanied by some commentary:

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I think it was an even fight, Marty Lamb and Pat Barron hit Jim McGovern, Jim McGovern and the Moderator hit Marty Lamb and Pat Barron 2 on 2.

Even worse when the Moderator didn’t like that hostile questions were directed at McGovern she went after those asking questions. I think she cost McGovern more votes by such tactics and the public in this state is very much aware of what the media did with Obama in 2008. It was a very poor job.

I think Pat Barron won the debate, he answered crisply and directly.

Talked to several people off camera they thought he knew Barron knew his stuff but didn’t like him, too negative. I disagree.

I thought Marty started tentative due to the moderator interrupting him off the bat but got stronger as the debate went on

Jim McGovern was an effective counter-puncher although the debate made that hard to do. He constantly talked about what congress should do and fix but since he has been in congress for 15 years, why isn’t it done? I am very glad that I wasn’t drinking when he called himself tough on immigration.

He however (although he misrepresented public opinion on the issue) actually praised the healthcare bill and stood by it. That was actually kind of refreshing.

Marty Lamb praised McGovern for his constituent services.

McGovern has more money and the signs outside sure indicated it. He did a great job turning out his people for the standout.

When this election is done I’d like to see Pat Barron run for another office.

There was a pretty good tea party turnout.

Things certainly aren’t boring here in the 3rd Massachusetts

I’ll be uploading video tonight and posting during the day tomorrow

Stacy McCain’s take is here I also have video of the McGovern statement in the full question that was asked that prompted it:

i thought the question was interesting particularly since so many non pols are running this year everywhere.

Update: I think Marty’s answer is more deserving of attention because it is an AWESOME answer to this question and also points to a phenom I’ve seen all over the place. The idea of citizens coming to serve from all walks of life is very important to our republican field this year and would give a perspective to congress that it NEEDS desperately!

…is available at his podcast Center of Mass this morning. This is episode 16 if you are finding this later on. It is also available at iTunes.

I first met Chris at the initial City Counsel meeting where he spoke on the other side. The room was filled with local people opposing Planned Parenthood and I admired him for standing up in a crowd against the crowd. It is very likely that if PP opens we will be on the opposite sides of protests, but outside of that we have a ton in common otherwise.

If you can’t tolerate the other side’s opinion you will have a hard time defending your own.

I’ve never done a debate of this nature (or a debate period) before so let me know how I did. I can think of a few things I would have done different but that’s life.

Update: As I said in the podcast my entire training consists of 7 years of Catholic Grammar school and what I’ve read. If a Catholic Priest finds any doctrinal errors in my presentation please feel free to contact me.

Update 2: The download link is here.