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Dianne Williamson makes some interesting points in this column that made my wife laugh out loud:

Despite his City Hall harem, the 17-year mayor keeps getting re-elected. Is he so popular that voters are willing to overlook the indiscretions?

Well considering Leominster has a thriving downtown, a surplus and is in financially solid shape while Fitchburg next door can’t afford to keep on its streetlights while taxes and fees rise I think that might be a clue.

I asked the wife if she would rather have had Dean J. Mazzarella as mayor for the last 20 years here, she didn’t bat an eyelash: “I’ll take the Leominster Lothario.”

Williamson’s case is a valid one but I tend to remember an awful lot of women in this state who were much more forgiving of a certain fellow in the White House a decade and a half ago and a certain senator who ruled Massachusetts for my entire life. As Stacy McCain reminds us:

the conservative who tries to turn the tables on that argument — demanding that liberals explain, for example, how Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy could make “waitress sandwiches” and still retain the unstinting support of feminists — will again run head-on into the familiar reply: How dare you?

I don’t know Williamson’s opinion on Kennedy or Clinton but I’d be really interested to know. Exit question: How many people who are outraged in Massachusetts over the Mayor’s actions had opinions similar to Nina Burleigh concerning them Bill & Ted?

Yesterday’s tea party meeting was smaller than most, not only because of the poor people having a fedora wearing blogger unleashed upon them but also because of a debate between candidates Jen Benson and Kurt Hayes for state rep.

When all the speakers were done a very unexpected guest showed up:

She spoke for several minutes about the tea party, unlike many pols republican and democrats he seems enthused by it

After he was done there was back and forth from the crowd:

The crowd was very taken by his appearance and he left with a souvenir of the evening.

A Twin City Tea Party Shirt for the Mayor

The Mayor seemed to grasp that the tea party was not a passing phase but the engagement of the citizens with their government. He seems to be way ahead of the curve here.

This is the last meeting before the election, it remains to be seen if the November meeting will be one of celebration or re-evaluation.